with subverso's newest ep, "within the hour", the band solidifies a change that has been itching to emerge from their latest series of ep's. this ep opens with an electric based instrumental "towers". the ambience that it creates is something different than previous efforts, but also starkly different from the rest of the ep. with that being said, it transitions really well into the next track. "giving it all" is a very catchy song. intricate guitar lines weave a web of twelve-string beauty over the now signature driving drums and appropriate, yet challenging bass lines. the song breaks down into a complex and funk sounding interlude around the 2 minute mark, breaking up the easier to grasp beginning and ending sections. "counting electric storms" is a slower to build, but very well crafted, intense song. the dynamic and tempo contrasts between the beginning of the song, and the middle sections are brought back together with an ending much like the intro. the song really conveys a very desolate, yet profound feeling. the last track on the ep, the title track "within the hour" really ties together all of the solid characteristics of the ep. a more up tempo song, it drives along with a force unlike the other songs, but still evokes similar emotional reactions from the listener. as an ep, "within the hour" showcases a newer writing style for the band, and new elements being brought to the forefront. the vocals are usually very airy and reverb heavy, or spoken in an almost muttered tone. this really adds to the emotions that the songs are trying to portray. in all, the ep is a little short, with what i would consider an intro and three songs. though brief (about 15 minutes), it is definitely a solid album with a lot to offer.
rating: 7/10
standout track: giving it all


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