Cute little music video from Portland's indie-rockers, In the Audience.

90's Emo legends, Jawbreaker, will be repressing (for the first time since 1990), their debut album, Unfun. Get your hands on it on March 30th, 2010

Until then, watch them play, "fine day," in 1994:

For me, splits are kind of a love-hate thing. If you love one band, you may buy a split in hopes of unburying some unreleased treasure trove. But what if the b-side band is unworthy? How about those bands that put out millions of split albums? Which ones are worth more than 1/2 of your purchase?

Enough with the split anxiety. Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms, and Joe Mcmahon of Smoke or Fire will be releasing a split together on March 16th called Wasted Potential. Get stoked.

In an interview with Punknews, Toby from Red Scare Records said: "I swear to god I saw this all coming when I saw Joe carrying Brendan's limp, drunken body out of a Las Vegas elevator back in like 2005. So we know they got the 'wasted' part down, we'll have to see about the 'potential'. "
Lowell Sun's Police Blog has a section called Not-So-Wise-Guys....also checkout Audio Floss.

Gorilla vs. Bear posted this awesome cover. Vivian Girls covering the Chantels.

Irish Culture week in Lowell, Facebook, and LFC contributions.

Awsome NY times Philip K. Dick 6-part series, thanks Ballardian.
Jason Adasiewicz's Varmint, is his second album with Rolldown, a Chicago-based jazz sextet including Josh Berman. Apart from Berman's Old Idea, Adasiewicz also performed on Rob Mazurek's no-wave, post-jazz record Sound Is, Chris Connelly's industrial nightmare Forgiveness and Exile (with a slew of the Jade Tree roster inducing the brothers Kinsella and the brothers Vida), and he helps round out the Exploding Star Orchestra on both their albums. Clearly [a-DAH-shev-ITZ] is as much a musical auteur as an adaptive vibraphonist.

Varmint, however, isn't post-rock or maniacal, mechanical obelisk, but rather straight jazz. The album's timeless quality hearkens back to the likes of Rudy van Gelder and fits in as a hard bop masterpiece, with tunes of unwavering swing pressed with, at times, rhythm less drums and unexpected changes. Perhaps fittingly it is anchored by an Andrew Hill tune which ends the album. "The Groits" is off his 1964 album Andrew!!! and Adasiewicz pays more homage to the entire Hill sound, rather than making it his own. The bouncing vibes-piano part is replaced by Adasiewicz going it alone, allowing saxophonist Aram Shelton to take to the solo as Hill would've done on piano, marked by alternating short fast attacks and slow bop-drop interludes. The album's title track enters as a disarray of up-down jabs, provided by the rhythm section in drummer Frank Rosaly and bassist Jason Roebke. As the horns solo above, they withdraw to regimented straight swing and then back into quick, samba double time shots, all the while their front man providing a glaze of freewheeling vibe work.

Each track will surely flag down a famous player from your memory, it's almost impossible to listen to Varmint and not draw connections. For blues, try the inching, methodical "Dagger." "Hide" makes sharp turns from jangling to hard bop. There's no escaping the vastness of the album, Adasiewicz's love for music shines throughout.

Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and Son Volt's Jay Farrar soundtracked "One Fast Move or I'm Gone," a new documentary film about Kerouac's Big Sur. Record/Film producer will be on campus discussing executive producers' role and listening to the CD. A screening will follow in O'Leary Library. The event will take place March 11th.

  • 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Listening/Discussion Session, Durgin 114 -(seating limited RSVP
  • 3:00 p.m. Screening/ Q&A Session, O'Leary 222

MOVIES THAT ROCK! presents Where the Wild Things Are, three different nights, three different places.
  • 1/29 - 8:00 p.m. O'Leary 222
  • 1/31 - 8:00 p.m. Fox Common
  • 2/1 - 8:00 p.m. ICC
Meet Scott Brown on the 30th at Lenzi's Catering and Functions 810 Merrimack Ave. Dracut. Free and open to ALL

3rd Annual Lowell Film Festival announced!!!, April 8 - 10

Tonight, 8-11 PM on 91.5 WUML or
Watch video footage of them:

Many alleged rumors have been circulating the web for the past few months that emo-rock legends, Cap'n Jazz were planning to reunite. Whether or not this was true was never confirmed by any of its 5 members.

However, if they were going to reunite, last night would have been as good an opportunity as any. The Empty Bottle in Chicago hosted the Joan of Arc Don’t Mind Control Variety Show, which gave 15 minute sets to all the bands that were affiliated with Joan of Arc. Here is an [incomplete] chart that begins to tie together the musical relationships of the Chicago emo scene.

Apparently, when Cap'n Jazz picked up their instruments, they were performing under the facade of a "local cover band." The crowd went absolutely wild.

What a night to be in Chicago!

Here is some video footage of "Oh Messy Life"

Cap'n Jazz reunion @ Empty Bottle 1/22/10 from jessica hopper on Vimeo.

I'll say I've had this album for a good week and a half now. It came out on January 11th so it must be around that number.

Here is how it went down: I listened to it, I hated it. I listened to it again, I thought of Sufjan Steven's sort of orchestration, iced with whispery vocals. I listened to it again (by the third unsure listen of something you know your probably beginning to like it), a viola! It had me at "Lewis Takes Action."

I, amazingly enough, have no music playing right now. Its just me and the dishwasher, yet some-freakin'-how I have "Lewis Takes of His Shirt," reverberating in my head. So I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what I DON'T like about Owen Pallett's, Heartland.

Here goes!

This guy writes video game music. In fact, he originally made music under the name "Final Fantasy," (I already warned you that this is geeky). I'm gonna go ahead and say that the first 4 tracks of this album make me want to run around with a sword killing bad guys. I'll go further: I am stoked that I got past the first 4 songs because tracks 5-12 rock my world.

I hate to name drop but I think its okay with our friend Sufjan because I am having trouble finding other words to describe Pallett's orchestration. Both artist's draw classical influences in one way or another. However, Sufjan considers the vocals to be equals with their instrumental counterpoints. Perhaps it is that Pallett's primary instrument is violin, or that what he is droning on about is less important than what the instruments are currently up to. This brings me to my next point.

The only thing I dislike about Sufjan Steven's music is his drony back-up chorus' hounding away at the end of some of his songs ("They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhh!" for example). Pallett does this exact same thing but without the creepy unison community choir singing along. For example, in "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt," he repeats over and over again the lyrics, "I'm never gonna give it to you." My brother described this as "very romantic." I had a good chuckle.

Now I suppose I have to say something good about it. Heartland is damn catchy. His vocal lines are very unique and a pleasure to listen to. The music itself is imaginative and inventive. I would suggest it for a long car ride or a nature walk (ix-nay on the swords).

My favorite tracks are: "Lewis Takes Action," "Heartland, up yours!" and "Lewis Takes His Shirt Off"

If you want to know what I mean, check out his myspace.
Nice. Courtesy of Ballardian.

Last Year: Public Image LTD, St. Vitus, and the Feelies and MBV blew up.
This Year: Pavement and now surf revivalists Man or Astro Man?, the Daily Swarm reports.

LFC Repost, this documentary endorsed by this blog!

Nor do I pretend to speak French. I do, however, hear a murmur coming from their side of the pond. It sounds like the distinct rustle of some really interesting music emerging from the woodwork.

Now this is WUML, where underground music lives. Under those pretenses, I promise not to lead you astray. When I went to research this band, I could find absolutely nothing about them. In fact our spinitron playlist from when I played them last week was one of the top hits on google. That is weak!

So my dearest Chocolat Billy, For your sake, as well as our readers, I am giving you a review.

Mon Père Est Ma Mère is one of those albums that you listen through for the first time with a crooked smile on your face trying to make sense of what you are hearing. Starting off with what seems to be energetic math-rock, they tend to slip comfortably into a pair of post-punk pajamas, managing to escape by the skin of their free-verse vocals.

They tastefully hide catchy vocals lines throughout the album. Sometimes, however, these high-pitched outbursts take more away from the music than they give. Enough negativity though, there is enough going on musically to entertain you for all 41.1 minutes of the album.

I love their playful electronic aspects. They steal sample from household items: clanking glasses, spoons, and the lawn mower. It reminds me of waking up late on a Saturday morning. The synthesizer in blanc facile is a neat little addition too. It makes the song straight-dancy!

Talk is cheep though. If your good at such things, get your hand on this album. If not, just watch this video and dance in your room.

1957 saw the rise of Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk, a startling new sax player who was finally on his own and a budding genius, respectively. Saxophone Colossus came out of Rollins' quartet work, but it was his trio work which was most interesting- which would come on Way Out West the March before Colossus. Cecil Taylor, who would soon become one of the best improvisers on the keys, plays Newport. Yusef Lateef began to make his mark as a spiritualist version of Dexter Gordon. Also notable was Mal Waldron's work with both Jackie Maclean and John Coltrane, who: kicked his heroin habit, devoted himself to the almighty, and met up with Johnny Griffin on the streets of Hackensack, NJ in April while he was on his way to record A Blowin' Session. Griffin's album was perhaps the most star-studded hard-bop session of all time, each player going onto achieve greatness in their own regard. The tenor trio of Coltrane, Griffin, and Hank Mobley was supported by trumpeter Lee Morgan, pianist Wynton Kelly, and the dynamic rhythm section of Paul Chambers and Art Blakey.

  1. Johnny Griffin - A Blowin' Session
  2. Sonny Rollins - Saxophone Colossus/Way out West
  3. Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners
  4. Art Blakey - Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk
  5. Miles Davis - Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
  6. Yusef Lateef - Jazz Moods
  7. Max Roach - Max Roach Plus 4
  8. Charles Mingus - The Clown
  9. Mal Waldron - Mal/2
  10. Cout Basie - The Atomic Mr. Basie
Gorilla vs. Bear all over the new Panda Bear track. Interesting, live bootleg.

Mission of Myanmar in Boston Globe.

Katherine Young review from a while back, this Porter release rules.

Hallowed Ground on Fallout.

Local rockers Pieabald (1994-2008) after a little under two years after their last show ever at the Middle East are back together... or at least for the time being. Many people may have noticed Piebald on the lineup for the second day of the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey (May 2nd). Yesterday this was confirmed on their Myspace, when Travis Shettel, singer and guitarist of Piebald, made the following post.
Hello friends of Piebald,
word on the street is that we are reuniting...and, while that is not quite true, we are getting together to play a show (or maybe 2) this year to celebrate the rerelease of our out-of-print catalog. "Piebald: First Ten Years" is going to be a 3 volume set of releases with 2 discs apiece that will be released on Rise Records. It will contain our first three albums, all our ep's, bsides and live gems. Volume I will be released in mid April, Volume II in mid May, and volume III in mid June. We will be playing "we are the only friends we have" from start to finish at the Bamboozle fest on may 2nd. We hope that you can come celebrate with us!!
Travis and the rest of The 'Bald

So along with at least one more Piebald show to go to there will be a whole catalog of re-releases to check out in a few months.

To check out some of Piebald's music or info on upcoming shows and releases you can visit either or

Travis is also now a member of TS and the Past Haunts
Former drummer of Pieabld, Luke Garro, is currently in Boston based garage rock band Barnicle
Murphy's good news...and bad news?

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, who's Sound of Silver made several best of the decade lists on WUML's Blog, says his new album will be his last, but also better than the other two. He has already helped to herald in and develop indie music and forever fuse punk with house and electronica. A la Brian Eno, he is in a position at DFA to continue leaving his mark on music without putting albums.

The Story: Here is a duo with the voices of angels, enough to make shivers run down your spine. These girls hail from Dublin, Ireland and recorded their first full-length in 2008 on a Irish label, Hide Away Records. Shortly after that it was released on Planet-X Records in the US. They have toured with Ghost Mice and were welcomed with open arms into the folk-punk scene.

The Album:

I give this album a 10 out of 10. I bought it from them when they played Next Level Shit Fest in Brattleboro, VT and listened to it constantly for a month afterwords. My favorite tracks: Remember When, Margie, Fire Ants, Slices of Palama, and Moose.

The Shimmy:
If you don't like folk-punk, you will probably still love Heathers. They layer vocal complex harmonies over simple acoustic guitar. Their songs are both energetic and dramatic and their stage presence is absolutely magnetic.


Heathers - Waiter from If You Make It on Vimeo.



LFC continues to wow in 2010...see films TONIGHT and for days to come.

Lowell Sun's Going Out highlights:
  • Museum of Russian Icons opened up right next door to us, featuring and interesting microcosm of History.
  • As part of the Student Curator Program and Nature of Art Series the Brush Gallery will be hosting an exhibit on Endangered Species from Jan. 17th - Feb. 21st. Features MFA student's work. Details.
Merrimack Repertory Theater Discounts for UML: -
  • Fabuloso: A Play by John Kolvenbach 1/7/2010 - 1/31/2010
  • Black Pearl Sings! by Frank Higgins 2/11/2010 - 3/7/2010
  • The Last Days of Mickey and Jean by Richard Dresser 3/18/2010 - 4/11/2010
  • The Blonde, The Brunette and The Vengeful Redhead by Robert Hewett 4/22/2010 - 5/16/2010

Also: Follow GB Malden
RIP (1980-2010)

Nashville garage icon found dead at 3:30 this morning. Bummer Town, Population: Me. With about a million 7"s (and bands) with his name attached, we'll still be hearing about Jay for a while.

Rock for Tots 2009 brought Ted Leo to UMLs Cumnock Hall. In tow they brought the up-and-coming Americanapunk of Titus Andronicus. On Feb. 9th a 7" single of the song Four Score and Seven will be released, former to the Mar. 9th release of their sophomore album The Monitor. By now you've realized the riddling of Civil War references. Check out the 2-part Four Score and Seven here and here. We had a chance to sit down with the band and discuss some of their ideas, influences, and going-ons:

WUML: Can you guys introduce yourselves?

Eric Harm: Eric. Drums.

Patrick Sickles: Hold on lets also say what are other auxiliary jobs are.

Eric: I’m Eric, I play drums and often I’m the guy who does some of the fine van packing and I usually write the set list. Kind of an inventory specialist.

Patrick: Like the guy in 30 Rock who is Jack’s assistant.

Eric: He’s a pretty minor character…lately I’ve been trying to pawn set list writing off on Patrick.

Liam Betson: My name is Liam I play guitar and play a little brother role, I’m a character actor, and auteur. I used to sell merch but I gave up because I’m the slowest at breaking down equipment…and we need to be making sales immediately after.

Ian Graetzer: I’m Ian and I play the bass guitar. Also do all the un-music related stuff like making sure people are getting paid, making sure money’s coming in and doing taxes. Stuff you wouldn’t think of.

Patrick: And I’m Patrick and I play guitar and sing and write songs. I’m the voice of the band

WUML: Was it fucked up that the Whitney shut you guys down?

Patrick: It was fucked up and here’s why, it was for that Dan Graham thing he made posters or album covers from the 70s and 80s and he had an exhibit with bands playing that month, and upstairs one of the pieces was a video of a minor threat concert he taped, and the kids in the video were going super insane. Like ten times as insane as at are show, they’re exploiting punk culture showing that video, looking at it on top of their ivory tower, and then chuckling at us youths. They weren’t ready for the real thing, don’t say “that’s great” and then they see that slam dancing stuff and get worried.

Liam: The security guards were nice…but there was a no moshing policy I think.

Patrick: It’s as safe as mother’s milk.

Eric: It’s a full body handshake.

WUML: Do you guys consider yourselves a punk band?

Patrick: Were a punk band in so much as we strive to behave like punks. But we don’t necessarily play punk rock music. We don’t really sound like the Ramones is what I mean. But we try to behave ethically and operate as punk as possible. We try to behave by just doing what we want to…punk, indie’s all the same.

WUML: What was the cover you guys played tonight?

Patrick: “We’re Coming Back” by Cock Sparrer from 1982 album Shock Troops. Let me give a shout out to my man Ian, who got me an awesome 7 inch. It was a Cock Sparrer tribute with the Dropkick Murphys and some other bands. They aren’t really an influence, but Cock Sparrer represents an era and idiom that’s important to us…2nd wave English Punk or Oi which has always been on the periphery…Ian’s grunting.

Ian: Cocksparrer’s good but Oi music’s a little too much.

Patrick: What about Sham 69? Or Angelic Upstarts? “Open the cage, let’s free the animals”…and of course the ultimate, Crass.

Ian: They’re not Oi.

Patrick: But they’re 2nd wave English punk. Crass’ music is…its less fun to listen to Crass than it is to read a book about Crass.

Liam: They’re records sound terrible, they got remastered but now there is some dispute over releasing them because some unnamed member of Crass refuses to let them go.

Patrick: It was Andy Palmer.

Liam: Yeah probably that guy. They remastered it and now you can hear the guitars.

Eric: He just doesn’t think its punk?

Liam: Yeah he says its revising history; it’s like what Stalin did. By changing the image of what Crass was.

Eric: Crass is a very important band…I can say that…but I’m not sure I’m comfortable hearing them say it.

Patrick: I’m not sure Crass made history, they busted there ass for 8 years under horrible conditions, they deserve a pat on the back 20 years down the line.

Eric: I’d be happy to give them that pat.

Patrick: Well, lets not speculate about who said what. Crass rocks.

WUML: How did you guys decide on a name for the band?

Patrick: I had a smart ass answer that I came up with the other day for this…oh right…here’s what it is, here’s the new smart ass answer. I came up with the name, it was a thing before, but I heard it and there was something about the sound of the words Titus Andronicus that really appealed to me and it wasn’t until later that I came to realize that my name Pa-trick STICKles has a certain amount of not quite rhyming but almost rhyming maybe some assonance or…Eric you might have to help me out here.

Eric: Ick-stick.

Liam: It rolls of the tongue.

Patrick: Tit-US An-DRON-I-CUS I feel like maybe because of my name that sort of arrangement of syllables was ingrained in my head. Maybe that’s why I found it appealing…what do you guys think lets psychoanalyze this.

Liam: It’s just sweet sounding.

Patrick: It’s really fun to say.

Eric: I like when other people say it.

Ian: When people hear it, they Google it and they get any references or what not.

Liam: We’re first now!

Eric: Not on Yahoo.

Patrick: But who uses Yahoo?

WUML: You’re named after a Shakespearean Tragedy, you have songs about stuff like Albert Camus, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, why all the references to the Renaissance?

Eric: Renaissance Band?

Patrick: It’s around, it’s important stuff. What do other people sing about? Girls? NEXT.

WUML: You guys were talking about Vampire Weekend earlier, do you like them?

Eric: Fucking awesome band. Shred the Gnar!

Patrick: One of the goods from jersey, like us. They’re on our record label too, they make the record label money and then they give us the money.

Ian: Also Thom Yorke, don’t forget about him.

Patrick: We’re at the bottom, like Reaganomics…up at the top is Vampire Weekend like the champagne glass pyramid thing. The champagne gets poured into Vampire Weekend and eventually trickles down through XL, and then we get the money. And nothing trickles out of us, or if it does it just goes on the table.

Eric: Are you saying we have no fans because everyone just wants to see Vampire Weekend?

Patrick: A lot of times we’re playing and someone will say ‘these guys are OK…but have you heard Vampire Weekend?’

WUML: What’s Glen Rock like?

Patrick: If you’re not from there…you’ll never understand. It’s a little dissimilar to MA; MA/New England is a different sort of thing. We’ve got the Italianos.

Ian: Glen Rock is a stereotypical city-suburb.

Patrick: The Jersey identity is wrapped up with Italiano, White Jersey Shore…


Patrick: (cont.)…MTV True Life, and everything.

Ian: But we’re not like any of that.

Eric: We’re not going after Italians, I’m Italian. I know where THESE guys are…but I don’t go there.

Ian: The top is all dependent on the NYC area for its economic stability, but once you go down central, that part of NJ has its own industries.

Patrick: NYC is dependent on us, ditto Philadelphia. Look at these two big-ass East Coast cities humping NJ, why do they have to be so close to NJ? Think about how big these states are! They couldn’t be any closer to NJ, It’s pitiful. You have to drive like fucking 90 hours to get out of Pennsylvania from Philadelphia or NYC at the bottom of NY State.

Eric: I went to school in PA and Philly is a lot more like NJ than it is all of PA.

Ian: It is like its one big suburb for both NYC and Philly; they generate a community based around the cities.

Patrick: It should just be known that we own NYC.

Liam: And our boy is the Statue of Liberty.

Ian: Yeah we own it, but NJ residents and mayors don’t care what’s happening that’s why the mob exists and there’s so much other bad stuff.

Patrick: Me and Liam have something we want to say. We were watching the Butterfly Effect last night, the directors cut. And there’s one scene where Ashton Kucher is losing his mind and there’s like this quick time lapse still photos of people’s faces.

Liam: Yeah it’s like 30 pictures in 2 seconds, so we slowed it down.

Patrick: And it was still pretty fast, but we noticed at the end there was like a millisecond long shot of the universe, zooming in, like what the Millennium Falcon looks like when it goes into hyper speed. When we stopped we found…like a black on black…how would you describe it?

Liam: A negative of Ashton Kucher’s face in the middle of the nebula! It’s a cosmic picture; the first one’s the universe, the second frame was hyper speed with Ashton.

Patrick: It was faint, like a hologram Ashton Kucher.

WUML: Do you guys watch a lot of movie?

Patrick: We’re actually getting into the world of making movies. I’m going to direct my first feature length debut starring Liam. But Liam doesn’t want to do it anymore. He wanted to at first but then he changed his mind, now he’s down to 80%.

Liam: I wanted to do when I was more assured it would’ve been impossible to make.

Ian: Liam backed out as Patrick unfolded more foul details.

Liam: It seems like a good movie, I just don’t want to put myself in the lead role.

Patrick: It’s a sci-fi movie about this guy who, in the future, discovers he’s a woman on the inside. So he has a sex change operation…

Liam: All fine so far.

Patrick: …then he travels back in time to when he was still a man and the two meet and they get it on. Basically at the end the guy finds out the woman he had sex with is he from the future and he’s really surprised. You can imagine what happens from there.

Eric: But you forgot to mention who gives him the sex change.

Patrick: Oh, a robot with a laser.

Liam: It was based on the Time Traveler’s Wife.

Patrick: Yeah cause there’s that scene in that movie where the guy kisses his childhood self on the forehead, and I want to take it to the next level and see what happens.

Ian: There was a Nip-Tuck episode where the doctor gave a guy a sex change and years later ended up having sex with him.

Patrick: That’s pretty cool. Had he forgotten?

Ian: Well she was convincing cause of hormones and stuff, but it turned out that this man-woman wanted to go back to being a man again. So he performs once more, and gave this he-she a new penis after cutting his old one off.

Patrick: Did they have it on ice?

Ian: No they take skin off your thigh or something.

Patrick: Shouldn’t do that lightly, it’s just wasteful. Had a perfectly fine dick…

Ian: You can’t get erect though, you have to pump it up using air. Ask Jordan, but he’s running the table, he knows all about these pump things.

Liam: Graft that!

WUML: Do you guys have a favorite movie of the decade?

Patrick: Definitely the Dark Knight I’d say.

Liam: Know what’s funny, my roommate hates that movie, he claims it’s to over the top…to many explosions.

Patrick: It does not have any explosions!

Eric: Yeah, it’s a little over rated…best of the decade? Wow.

WUML: What about the best movie ever?

Patrick: The Life Aquatic movies.

Eric: The People vs. Larry Flynt, a true American movie.

Liam: That movie’s awesome!

Eric: Not Juno.

Ian: I saw Juno, and then snuck into Young People Fucking, because it was airing right after it.

Liam: Any movie that takes place in the future is awesome.

WUML: Best album of the decade?

Patrick: That’s easy Spider Bags, A Celebration of Hunger. They are from North Carolina.

Liam: Rock band with a sorta country twang.

Patrick: There like us, as American as apple pie.

Liam: The guy that sings used to be in this band DC Snipers, who were like a rude-boy, not during the movement but rude now. So they were like men-children that sang really good songs, and then the singer started the Spider Bags with these people from NC. They are transitioning out of this man-child punk band to man-child country band. It’s really good; all the songs are sad but funny, in a weird way. Everyone that hears it likes it.

Ian: Of course no one hears it, so there’s no one to like it.

WUML: What’s your favorite place to play?

Eric: We were just talking about this place in Detroit called the Magic Stick which has a bowling alley on the bottom floor. The last time we played there they were renovating the bowling alley so we didn’t get to play, but apparently bands that play there get to bowl for free. We played pool instead. We also really like the Bottle Tree.

Patrick: In Birmingham, Alabama.

Eric: We’ve been there 3 times and they have a lot of neat books, cool DVDs, and an air stream trailer they let you sleep in. They also have an old pinball machine, and an arcade machine currently housing the game Super Mario Bros. Which I played for hours trying speed run it, couldn’t do it.

WUML: How do you like playing with Ted Leo?

Patrick: We went on tour with him back in June, but this is just a weekend in MA,

Eric: A weekend warrior thing.

Patrick: Last fall we drove all the way out to California and played two shows, made a little movie, and then drove back.

Liam: We have fun playing with him.

WUML: Thank you for coming guys.

Titus Andronicus: Thanks for having us!
With some wise words about the Internet. Awesome.
Woah. This has been hyped all over the internet, but no wave godfather Michael Gira has announced that his legendary group Swans is getting back together for a tour/new album. Be sure to check out that new song "Jim" also.

Once More, Into the Beat Dear Friends. Dance proprietress and host of Drop Beats Not Bombs Danielle Brown will be hosting a 4-hour dance party at the 119 Gallery.

BATTLEFIELD is January 23 at 8:00 PM. 119 Chelmsford St. Lowell MA
Free (Suggested Donations will go to 119).
Facebook Event

Doin It Together Fest 2010 is scheduled for March and is also taking place at the 119 Gallery and will highlight Lowell's Music Scene in a different way than usual.
"We take people from all different bands and solo projects, mix em up to form new bands for one day.... We have all kinds of people signed up who play different styles, mostly grungey/rock/punk stuff, but that doesn't mean you have to play like that to be a part of this."
From the looks of the current lineup and some of last years acts, the event should be a a DIY no-wave explosion. With a scene as diverse musically as Lowell's, it'll will be worth it to come out and see what happens.


Also don't forget to check out Lowell Film Collaborative's winter/spring offerings

Johnathan Richman has long been a nostalgic, golden boy of rock and roll. Preferring to embrace the "good old days" aesthetic with garage rock than anything else. And embrace he should, as he was under the wings of the Velvet Underground during the early 70s in NY, combining their stripped down rock sound with doo-wop and mono-drenched pop. The Modern Lovers' front man will be coming back down 128...when its dark outside no doubt, three dates in Cambridge:
12 – Brooklyn, N.Y. - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
13 – Brooklyn, N.Y. - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
14 – Brooklyn, N.Y. - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
16 – Cambridge, Mass. - Middle East Upstairs
17 – Cambridge, Mass. - Middle East Upstairs
18 – Cambridge, Mass. - Middle East Upstairs
19 – Providence, R.I. - Firehouse 13 Gallery

In other Cambridge hype, dream-pop ballad auteurs Galaxie 500 will be following up their 20-20-20 vinyl reissues with deluxe editions of Today, On Fire, and This Is Our Music. Each will be a 2-disc set, coming out on March 22nd. They will also be reissued again on vynil.
1988's Today with Uncollected - Career-spanning rarities
1989's On Fire with Peel Sessions - 2005 release of some excellent shoegaze favorites, including some covers.
1990's This is Our Music with Copenhagen - A live recording of G500's last Europe show.
New Portishead
On Saturday, January 9, 2010 from 7-10 p.m., The Revolving Museum presents Primal Spirit, a celebration of ancient art, music, and language. This exhibit is a culmination of work by students from the 2009 fall semester programs: Artbotics, Spirit Cypher, Free Verse!, and Vanguardian Art.

Stereogum doesn't lie...will his concept album be based around Gothic Horror, Millionaire Playboy Sharshooter, or Villainous New Zealand-Based Wizard?