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Over at THE BEAUTIFUL SAVANT, we realize 2:00-4:00pm can be an odd slot to catch on a Tuesday afternoon. To make it a little easier on all of you cats out there, we will be recording our show weekly and putting it up here in a nice little .zip folder for all of you to download.

Included below is a tracklist taken from Spinitron, and some wonderful artwork for your iTunes library. Enjoy!


Neon Indian “(AM)” from Psychic Chasms


Disco Inferno “It's A Kid's World” from Technicolour


White Denim “Regina Holding Hands” from Fits


Neutral Milk Hotel “Bucket” from Everything Is


Psa “Don't Move Firewood” SINGLE


Real Estate “Black Lake” SINGLE


PSA - Crime Prevention “Gun Crime Prevention” CD SINGLE


Guided by Voices “Smothered In Hugs” from Bee Thousand CD ALBUM (Matador)


Liam the Younger “Country Wide” from Underwater Peoples Summer Showcase


Telepathe “I Can't Stand It” SINGLE


Blood on The Wall “Lightning Song” from Liferz


Atlas Sound “Criminals (Electronic)” from Rough Trade EP


Pajo “Teenagers From Mars” from Scream With Me


Claudine Longet “God Only Knows” from Cuddle Up With...


Avey Tare “I'm Your Eagle Kisser” from Living Bridge


Cymbals Eat Guitars “Indiana” from Why There Are Mountains CD ALBUM


Tera Melos “A Spoonful of Slurry” SINGLE


Rescue “The Leech” from flamingo minutes


Pinback “Loro” from Autumn of the Seraphs


Ecstatic Sunshine “Felt Flag” SINGLE


Slowdive “alison” from souvlaki


Tall Dwarfs “Come Inside” from Short and Sick of it


Blank Dogs “Night Flight” from Under and Under


R. Stevie Moore “Showing Shadows” from R. Stevie Moore (R. Stevie Moore)


Beat Happening “Youth” from Beat Happening


Arthur Russel “Loose Joints” CD SINGLE


The Contours “A Little Misunderstanding” from Mod Club Party CD COMP (Mojo 2005)


Bear in Heaven “Bag of Bags” from Red Bloom of the Boom ALBUM (2007)


Gerry and The Pacemakers “Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying” from The Best of Gerry and the Pacemakers MP3 SINGLE (Columbia 1964)


Phil Upchurch Combo “I Can't Sit Down” CD ALBUM


The House of Love “Real Animal” from 1986-88: The Creation Recordings CD ALBUM (1987)


The Quik “Bert's Apple Crumb” from Mod Club Party CD COMP (Mojo 2005)


McCarthy “Write Your M.P. Today” from Banking, Violence and the Inner Life Today CD ALBUM (Midnight Music 1990)


PSA 2 “"Helping" Hands” SINGLE


PSA 5 “know how 2 go dream” from Ad Council


New York Dolls “Frankenstein” from New York Dolls CD ALBUM (Polygram 1973)

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=b6e8399d6659c1bad8f14848abf485dde04e75f6e8ebb871
Saturday's pretty slow, as there are no panels. After getting some pizza and smashing through happy hour at Iggy's we headed out to the last of the showcases, most of which were 21+. The Motorcycle Industry played early in the night. John and MichaelWiessthePrideofConn killed it...and probably played the best out of their whole bill.

The Sub Pop party was stocked and lasted until 2:30AM. We got their just as Pissed Jeans was finishing up. Tom liked the pit...we both liked the pigfuck. Finally...a band that harnesses the intensity of Jesus Lizard and the heaviest, drivingest drums; as if Steve Albini himself was running the soundboard.

Obits...whom are signed to Sub Pop put on a decent show. They seemed like a watered down Replacements or Husker Du, but never broke out of playing bar rock. Thier music seemed to sound the same and guitarist usually took a solo. However, as a perfect ender for CMJ we got to see Male Bonding. The trio out of Dalston England took the stage, far from the moldy speakers of the Silent Barn and asked "reverb...lots of reverb." Then they blasted into a non-stop string of songs with fluid basslines, screechy guitar, and frantic drumming. As I said earlier watch out for these guys. This intense alt-rock-twee pop-surf drive by is to beautiful to pass up...and you better not blink. Here's a video of them from '08.

Day of rest thanks to beer. I found a real bed at the GilroyMigs place...it belonged Gilroy.

Late night Hercules and Love Affair show at the Fillmore in Irving Plaza was fucking amazing. The duo Aeroplane and James Zabiela with Shinichi Osawa opened for the show. The lights were pretty sub-par up until the disco-DFA squad took the stage.

Andy Butler was joined by Kim Ann Foxman (above) and two other singers and three dancers. Helping Butler bump the jams, which were bass-heavy adaptations of much of their debut album, was Mark Pistel. As soon as Butler and Pistel got on stage, showered in red light, they began bumping True/False Fake/Real - enter singers and dancers and the crowd went nuts. Butler's new work is going to be awesome, I Can't Wait, which was featured on Sidetracked, has some electro infused with high pitch steel drum, and they closed with some incredible dance anthem...which I guess has to remain nameless. Other highlights included a Blind remix, a loud rendition of Raise Me Up and skewed live horn sounds of Athene.
Songs of Solid Songwriting Cities was as confusing as it is to say with all that alliteration. Hoping for a biopic on metropolitan hotbeds for scenes, but it took a turn for the passion of songwriting. The host Tony Fletcher, who recently finished a book on scenes in NYC, led the panel. Everyone's back story was interesting, but perhaps the most intriguing was Anna Wayland who's been to music school and lived in Cuba for a while before later picking up a songwriting career. She now has the likes of John Legend under her belt and took to passionately discussing the important essence of songwriting. Wes Hutchinson, Jeff Cohen, and Leo Mellace were also there, discussing their running of the music industry gauntlet.

The DFA show case at the Brooklyn Bowl was epic. Dance wunderkinds James Murphy and Pat Mahoney mixed disco and house to hundreds of raving lunatics. Words can't really describe when these two get up and start going. From there it was over to the Saddle Creek showcase at the Knitting Factory.

Old. Fucking. Canes. New album on Saddle Creek is good, but they played their old shit. Chris, who belted out One Day, Taxi on Vermont, and Face it, all from Early Morning Hymns, was a nice guy who came down into the crowd after the set in real Kansas ethos. Old Canes is made up of guys from the Appleseed Cast, Casket Lottery, and Minus Story. Because they record with 8 track tapes, for the most part in basements, the live show translation is perfect. The Canes can certainly rock, croon, and demonstrate their vast talent on a lot of damn instruments. Finally we headed to Don Pedros for some more scum-fuck rock from Smith Westerns and The Beets. Captured Tracks, a sort of cute little Sup-Pop, is coming in hot.
Slept on a hardwood floor for the first night but woke up feeling a little more comfortable with the subway and sans hangover. The first panel of the week I went to was on Miles Davis. Miles' son Erin, one of later drummers Vincent Wilburn, journalist Ashley Kahn, Wax Poetics Editor Andre Torres, DJ Logic, and Q-Tip 'rapped' about what was perhaps Americas most pivotal year 1959.

Many things were invented, turning points in history faced, and jazz music reached a Milestone. Now at the 50th anniversary of Miles' groundbreakingly solemn Kind of Blue and his technical masterpiece Sketches of Spain, the panel took many different looks at it. They discussed Miles' attidtude on and off the stage, DJ Logic conjured up feelings of dancing with girls and drinking wine in Spain, how Miles' work influenced the work of east coast hip-hop, and the album's concept of the anti-single. Kind of Blue is one of the first cohesive albums, and since the late 50s music as a whole has turned to not just concept albums, but cohesive albums which maintain a sound. When asked to choose a favorite cut, Erin Davis had trouble remembering the name Freddie Freeloader, perfering to choose "Kind of Blue" as his favorite cut, because he prefers to listen to it as an entire experience. This was the general consensus about Sketches of Spain.

The Silent Barn rules. Its a perfect venue for whatever you call this new brand of regular, slacker rock. Scum-fuck music seems to be everywhere at the festival. it purely for partying, shitty speakers, and dark smelly spaces. Borrowing equally from Beat Happening, the Misfits, and Pavement, these guys put on a great show. Uzi Rash "took the stage" first, and played two songs which combined Pere Ubu with JAMC drumming while doning dinosaur masks. German Measles sounded like incredibly heavy, perfectly off-kilter. Happy Birthday, who headlined are supposedly signed to Sub Pop, but they sounded a little too refined for the show.

Please watch out for Male Bonding because they are the best. Hailing from England, they should come with a surgeon general's warning for insane house parties...or perhaps something less lame.
Fung Wah to NYC. After swarming the South end of Washington Square like some many other children, we settled in for the day. Ate lunch in Soho at a yuppie market called Jubilee and took in the scum, sounds and fashion of the area.

The Leonard Cohen Isle of Wight 1970 primere was rather well attended. Director Murray Lerner and Judy Collins were in attendance, both who were at the historic concert. Cohen presents an interesting contrast to Hendrix here, who incited a stage fire and trampling of sheet metal fences. The documentary meshed the performance perfectly with interviews from Collins, Kris Kristofferson, Joan Baez, and others who were at the show. Cohen's short set began at 4:00 AM as he crooned in his dark, prophetic voice to the unruly crowd, seeming to calm them to sleep. Such intimate shots of Cohen allow us to see his switching from comedic quips about sleeping with multiple girls or holding up matches and the circus to a philosophical one-liner which makes you ponder for an instant before he goes into a song. He was accompanied by a small group of electric guitar, banjo, violin, organ, and his usual two back-up girls adding a eerie hum to the background.

Opening with Bird on a Wire, Suzanne and Chelsea Hotel were soon to follow in his encore, for which the crowd was screaming. His high points include Sing Another Song Boys and Seems So Long Ago Nancy was very well done, in remembrance of her suicide, and perhaps his the highlight of the set. Even the likes of The Who, ELP, Miles Davis, Mungo Jerry, Donovan, Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues couldn't top Leonard Cohen.

Day Two soon.

8-11 PM
91.5 FM WUML, Lowell

New Lightning Bolt. It seems Providence is striking back with Baltimore in the battle for the coastal, noise, art rock supremacy. Earthly Delights dropped earlier this month and was their first after a 4 year hiatus. At the beginning of the decade, Lightning Bolt was certainly a more 'classic rock' noise act, but after 2005's Hypermagic Mountain...its metal.

Chippendale is still set to insanity despite the condition of his kit and Gibson is stretching the ability of his 'guitar'. Just before the 3 minute mark on Sound Guardians, a wall-of-sound break down ensues. Nation of Boar has an eight-on-the-floor opener with a Fleeing the Valley of the Whirling Knives-like interlude. The lumbering Colossus, eerie Sublime Freak, and tech-math Funny Farm all fill out the until the 12 minute Transmissionary. Fist pumping break downs over lay the enitre cut, ranging from fast seemingly immemorable takes from Chippendale to slow, sludgy riffs from Gibson.

Earthly Delights, somehow, is noise rock neo-psychadelia stoner metal backed by inchoerent vocals. They came (Lightning Bolt), they saw (Ride the Skies), they conquered (Wonderful Rainbow and Hypermagic Mountain). Now, the Laser Beasts hath made thier etch in the cosmos.

Video by Break Necks Productions

Quixote is:

Joe Stulpin, Anthony Valera, Justin Demers, Evan Murphy
Friday Morning

New Music:
Found Sound:
  • Orchestral Maneovres in the Dark
  • Future Islands!
Album of the Day: Seamonsters, The Wedding Present 1991 (Redux)

Let’s be honest. When most people are thinking about what kind of new album they want to buy, they normally aren’t considering one heavily influenced by the Bible. However, this one should be your first. The Life of the World to Come is the twelfth album by The Mountain Goats, an acoustic rock band headed by the song-writing specialist, John Darnielle and yes, that does say twelfth, as in two more than ten (their thirty-fifth release if you count EPs). The album features twelve songs all titled after the verse in the Bible that it was influenced by and varying from angry acoustic rock (it still exists) with blasting drums, to sensitive piano accompanied by string arrangements by Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy). Again, yes the songs are influenced by stories from the Bible, but it is by all means not a Christian album at all. The songs are written about the stories from the Bible, not about praising God. If you are at all a fan of The Mountain Goats, this is not a surprise to you. Darnielle consistently writes about stories, mythology, news, and historical events, including everything from the Anglo Saxons, to Gaius Verres, to riots in Ethiopia in 1964, to the last day of Jimi Hendrix’s life. It’s writing like that that has led Darnielle to be named “America’s best non-hip-hop lyricist” by The New Yorker and one of Paste Magazine’s “Top 100 Best Living Songwriters”. The music in this Mountain Goats new album only adds to that praise.

      The Life of the World to Come starts off with the haunting “1 Samuel 15:23”, a song that features Darnielle and an acoustic guitar with distant, sparse drums and bass. The lyrics reflect someone who is helping others but the guitar chords and melody are incredibly somber as if they have absolutely no hope. Even the way Darnielle sings the song, most notably the line “My house will be for all people who have nowhere to go” sounds like he is pleading his story from a lifetime behind bars. Overall, the song is very powerful, haunting and almost eerie at times especially with the background percussion and bass seeping through every so often.

      The track is followed by “Psalms 40:2” which opens with edgy chords, a brash bass line, and a bass drum and floor tom that beg to let the rest of the drums set loose. If “1 Samuel 15:23” is the life sentence prisoner without any hope, then “Psalms 40:2” is the maniac ready to break his ass out, guns blazing of course. The track’s main chorus “he has raised me from the pit and set me high” is pretty much the main point of the actual verse from the Bible, but in the Bible it keeps its literal meaning. In The Mountain Goat’s interpretation, it is the chorus of an angry song of someone essentially manically faithful, “drunk on the Spirit, and high on the fumes”. The song builds with anger and maniacal energy, adding more and more cracking drums along the way to the ending where the song blasts on all cylinders at full volume. “Psalms 40:2” is a very strong song on the album, and showcases how much passion goes into a Mountain Goats song.

      The album follows up with “Genesis 3:23” and “Philippians 3:20-21”, two songs that have a more comforting sound both featuring a warm, happy sounding basic acoustic guitar, bass, and drums with a warped keyboard sound doing the main line. The songs start the trend of “interesting music and melodies with powerful lyrics” that the band does best for the rest of album giving it that usual “Mountain Goats album” feeling. However, “Genesis 3:23” is a curious choice to be the band’s first single off of the album, although it is a pretty good song, it is not one of the highlights off of the album. The song has a pretty catchy chorus, and some nice words but that’s mainly what this song is: just a catchy song. While that may be good enough for some bands, the best songs by The Mountain Goats are the ones that are powerful. It is still a nice song, but not a highlight for the album. “Philippians 3:20-21” varies in that it seems to be more of a song built around a story rather than a song for the sake of a song like “Genesis 3:23”. The instruments seem to be there to compliment Darnielle’s story of the passing of a man instead of merely making music and they do so beautifully with the piano, and electric guitar surfacing faintly during the choruses. It is still a comforting song, but is more moving because of the serious story in the lyrics, and the almost spoken melody.

      Darnielle and Co. are joined by strings for “Hebrews 11:40” as the intensity of the album continues to drop to a hush. The track is very quiet, a little short, and is not one of the better songs but is still beautiful musically with all of the strings and piano, especially in the chorus. The track better serves as a suegway into “Genesis 30:3” a beautiful track with only Darnielle, his lyrics and rich piano chords.

      With “Romans 10:9” the album breathes a lively breath. The song starts off with a really clever opening line “Wake up sixty minutes after my head hits the pillow; I can’t live like this”. Although the chords used in the song are a little boring, it really gives space for the interesting and witty lyrics. The chorus ventures a little Bible-ish, but it’s impossible to tell if he is being sarcastic at times.

      One of the best songs on the album has to be “1 John 4:16”. It is a stunningly beautiful song with just piano, strings, and Darnielle. The lyrics remain the main focus of the song and from the opening line: “In the holding tank I built for myself, it’s feeding time” to the second line in the chorus “But I know your thinking of me, ‘cause it’s just about to rain” they do very well in the limelight. The track is Darnielle’s songwriting at it’s best.

      The album does not simply peak there. The remaining songs continue to match that level of song writing excellence. For example, “Matthew 25:21” is yet another amazingly written song that goes back to The Mountain Goat’s roots with just Darnielle and his acoustic guitar. The song is unbelievably sad, as it is about watching the death of a cancer patient. Yeah it sounds really cheesy but with lines like “I felt the details carving out space in my head”, and “I am an eighteen wheeler headed down the interstate, and my breaks are going to give, and I won’t know ‘til it’s too late” it’s unlike any other song you’ll hear.

      The album finishes off with two piano songs, “Deuteronomy 2:10”, “Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace” and with a catchier song in between, “Isaiah 43:23”. The two piano songs again are two very well penned stories, with “Ezekiel 7” being a more somber, and weary sounding track to end the album while “Deuteronomy 2:10” has a brighter, hopeful sound even though the lyrics aren’t. Both are great songs and once again showcase how moving just a voice and instrument can be, especially in the chorus of the last song when it sounds like the piano is singing the line “Drive ‘till the rain stops”.

      Overall, the album is a great Mountain Goats album, putting everything they do best on CD. If your looking for a CD full of unique lyrics, melodies, and unparalleled song-writing in general, then The Life of the World to Come is a must buy. Every song begs to be read into, and justifiably so. Darnielle’s songwriting is incredibly moving, and done so in a unique, less is more kind of way that you will not hear from anyone else. If this is the life of the world to come, then the future has some damn good music.

-Irving Gadoury

Watch a sneak peak of the music video for 'Laura' by Girls
I tried to embed it, but it doesn't seem to work right that way.

  1. Beat Happening/The Vaselines - Live In London 1988 Cassette - Twee pop live is pretty cool. These guys are playing louder and gnarlier, but you still can't help but love them. This rare cassette contains such gems as Eugene Kelly yelling in thick Scottish brogue, Calvin Johnson telling fans to leave their recess voices outside, and fantastic versions of songs like 'Teenage Jesus Superstar' and 'Dying For It' (The Vaselines) and 'I Love You' and 'Bad Seeds' (Beat Happening). Live in London is certainly an interesting look into two great bands who, in mid-tour, were ruling their tiny respective worlds.
  2. Mools - Dub Narcotic Session - Perhaps even more rare, mools are one of the lost gems, discovered by Calvin cohort Phil Elvrium, who recorded them at Johnson's Dub Narcotic basement in Olympia. This album might just be perfect, they are Japanese Smiths or something....even though I can't understand what they're saying.
  3. Heavenly - Le Jardin de Heavenly - Jardin might be the most critical acclaimed twee pop album ever. Heavenly was one of the best K groups to really hit that sound Cobain liked before he stopped washing his hair. Lead singer Amelia Fletcher proved to us she wasn't afraid of boys...or sex...or of starting the Riot Grrl movement...or that she just could write 'Tool' and 'C is the Heavenly Option'.
  4. The Halo Benders - Rebels Not In - Holy fuck, as far as individual K songs go 'Virginia Reel Around the Fountain' may have the number one spot. Calvin Johnson, long time low-end crooner, would collide with Doug Martsch's Built to Spill dream-pop-indie highs in 1994. The result leads to some strange, stream-of-conciousness duets with the backing of music that literally combines stripped down Beat Happening with trudgy, drawn out Built to Spill guitars. "You're a glass eyed tiger, you're a rusty fire hydrant."
  5. Beat Happening - Jamboree/Dreamy/You Turn Me On - Forgetting twee, indie pop, and tons of other monikers this band seems to incite, Beat Happening were doing something new. Post-punk took off as something smarter during this time, but Calvin Johnson just decided to fuck you in a different way. Once again remembering indie, this groups focus had turned from yelling at Reagan and Washington to facing the big wig music industry, Beat Happening went hand-in-hand with K and was definable indie rock with critical acclaim. Let us not forget it was 1980 when UK coined the "Indie Chart" because of guys like these across the pond...
  6. The Make Up - Sound Verite - The Make-Up were a late addition to the K roster as far as its 80s roots go, but 1997's Sound Verite is an example of a label still going strong. The jacket cover, a homage to Love's Forever Changes, queues them up perfectly for your senses: a band that is incredibly unique. After a short stint with Ian Mckaye's Dischord Records, The Make-Up took thier funk-punk gospel screeching attacks to K, and heralded this mix of Roky Erikson, Gang of Four, and Nick Drake.
  7. Modest Mouse - Sad Sappy Sucker - Modest Mouse's watershed albums weren't on K, but the label was where they came from. 2001's Sucker was K's reminder to fans of the excellent Moon and Antartica that Modest Mouse had a lo-fi past. The album ranges from small snippets of hear-incoherence like 'BMX Crash', 'Sucker Betru', and 'Austral Opithecus' to obscure, swampy folk jangles ('Secret Agent X-9' or 'Race Car Grin You Ain't No Landmark'), and finally gems forgotten by time which are highlights on the album like 'Dukes Up', 'Every Penney Fed Car', or 'Four Fingered Fisherman'.
  8. Beck - One Foot in Yer Grave - So far you may have noticed alot of newer stuff all got its start the same way. Beck, again, is no exception and the same year he injected Mellow Gold and 'Loser' into the 90s, he released an album over at K with Johnson on backing vocals. Songs like 'Cyanide Breath Mint' helped One Foot in Yer Grave and Beck keep some indie street cred...and two years later: enter Odelay.
"Radio is far and away the most dangerous of the media. It wields a unique and terrifying power, once the state or its institutional apparatus collapses. It casts off everything that might attenuate or sidetrack the force of words. In a chaotic situation, radio can prove to be the most efficient tool of democracy as well as of revolution or fascism, because it penetrates unhindered to the individual's deepest core, anywhere and at any moment, immediately, without the necessary and critical distance inherent in the reading of a text or image." This message has been brought to you by your friends here at WUML Lowell.
Live Music Every Monday Night
8-11 PM

If you have not had a chance to listen to The Drums yet, then you are missing out. But don't believe me, go check them out yourself: The Drums on Myspace

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, these guys are a strange combination of post-punk and surf-rock.
They combine electronic elements with catchy guitar riffs, soft-vocals, and heart-warming melodies.

Its pretty much like summer when you're 16 years old.

You can download their single Lets Go Surfing here

They also have an EP out: Summertime

Highlight: "I felt stupid"
Friday Morning

Best New Music:
  • Yacht - See Mystery Lights
  • HEALTH - Get Color
  • Bobby Previte & The New Bump - Set The Alarm for Monday
  • Polvo - In Prism
  • No Age - Losing Feeling
  • Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown
Found Sound:
  • Our Favorite Echo & the Bunnymen
Album of the Day: Seamonsters, The Wedding Present 1991

Wait, excuse me?!~
Well, listen up, then make your mind up:

Amazon has a new page up for an Animal Collective album (for $11.38) titled "Fall Be Kind". Also, to add to this: it's under Domino Records. Hopefully more details will leak this week... we'll keep you updated!

One of my favorite bands of the year covering the great Daniel Johnston. Can you go wrong? No, you can't.
* Wednesday, October 7:
o Arms and Sleepers, Junius, Metavari, & Thunderhole - The Middle East Upstairs
o Sex, Gypsy Cab, & Luke Mulholland - TT the Bear's Place
o Luau, Boyfriends, Mercy Case, & Death Sports - O'Briens
o The Twilight Sad, BrakesBrakesBrakes, & We Were Promised Jetpacks - Great Scott
o Autumn Hollow Band - Church
o Bob Mould - The Paradise
o Mars Volta - House of Blues, 8PM all ages

* Thursday, October 8:
o The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Lovely Feathers, & Arletta - The Middle East Upstairs
o M.O.P., Mayhem, & more - The Middle East Downstairs
o HUMANWINE, Ketman, & What Time Is It Mr. Fox - TT the Bear's Place
o Anti Pop Consortium, & Los Wunder Twins Del Rap - Great Scott
o The Proselyte, Finisher, Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan, & Hero(n) - O'Briens
o Egos, The Mess Me Ups, & Gibby and the Buzzkills - Church
o 3D and the Greaseballs - P.A.'s Lounge
o Dave Crespo and the Afterparty, The 327's, Rocket, & Rocket - The Cantab Lounge
o Manic Street Preachers - The Paradise
o Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, Otep, & 2 Cents - House of Blues
o Grizzly Bear - Orpheum

* Friday, October 9:
o Dirty Truckers, The Beatings, Muck and the Mires, & Tori Pyne - The Middle East Upstairs
o Built to Spill, Disco Doom, & Violent Soho - The Middle East Downstairs, (also Sat. and Sun.)
o Parasitic Extirpation, Living Void, Casket Rot, & Terror Rising - O'Briens
o The Few, Mike Post and the Band before Time, & Naree - Church
o Lovers, Muggers and Thieves, Deck Hands, Raise the Devil, & Ted Wyman - The Cantab Lounge
o Billy Talent, AM Taxi, & Poison the Well - The Paradise
o The Bravery - House of Blues
o Mirah - Somerville Theater
o The Upper Crust, & Cortez - Harper's Ferry
o Ambitious Tugboat, Needy Visions, Hammer Stephie, & Copland - Midway Cafe
o Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, & Taking Dawn - Palladium, 8PM all ages

* Saturday, October 10:
o The Allstonians, The Duppies, Tip The Van, & Guns of Navarone - The Middle East Upstairs, 1PM all ages
o Gene Dante and the Future Starlets, The New Alibis, MEandJOANCOLLINS, & The Acrobrats - The Middle East Upstairs
o Built to Spill - The Middle East Downstairs
o Logan 5 and the Runners, Flying Machines, Panic Years, & Hello Ninja - O'Briens
o Grand Archives, The Most Serene Republic, & You Can be a Wesley - Great Scott
o Patrick Grenham, Post Panda, & Action Verbs - P.A.'s Lounge
o The Othership, The Effective Dose, Dagger or a Dram, & Black Heart Arkansas - Church
o 00700 Club, The Nymphets, Triple Thick, & The Mess Me Ups - The Cantab Lounge
o Everyday Visuals, Mean Creek, Great Bandini, & Magic Magic - The Paradise
o Psychedelic Furs, Happy Mondays, & Islands - House of Blues, 8PM all ages

* Sunday, October 11:
o Fly Upright Kite, These Green Eyes, Hollywood Lies, & more - The Middle East Upstairs, 1PM all ages
o Trampled by Turtles, Tony the Bookie Orchestra, & Poverty Line Old Time Band - The Middle East Upstairs
o Built to Spill - The Middle East Downstairs
o Drummer, Royal Bangs, & Quixote - TT the Bear's Place
o Owen, The One AM Radio, & Rubik - Great Scott
o The Bags, Township, & The Wynotts - Church
o The Gossip, Men, & Apache Beat - The Paradise
o Them Crooked Vultures - House of Blues
o Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, & more - Palladium, 7:30 all ages


* Monday, October 12:
o Om, & Six Organs of Admittance - ICA

* Thursday, October 15:
o Daniel Johnston - The Paradise

* Friday, October 16:
o Art Brut - The Middle East

* Saturday, October 17:
o Electric Six - The Middle East

* Sunday, October 18:
o Lucero - The Middle East
o Echo and the Bunnymen - Great Scott

* Tuesday, October 20:
o The Raveonettes - The Paradise

* Sunday, October 25:
o Eyehategod - The Middle East
o AFI, & Gallows - House of Blues

* Tuesday, October 27:
o Dethklok, Mastodon, & High on Fire - House of Blues

* Wednesday, October 28:
o King Khan, & Dum Dum Girls - The Middle East

* Thursday, October 29:
o Wooden Shjips - P.A.'s Lounge

* Saturday, November 7:
o Wolfmother - House of Blues

* Saturday, November 14:
o Jesus Lizard - The Paradise

* Sunday, November 15:
o Honor Society - The Middle East
o Shonen Knife - Great Scott

* Saturday, November 21:
o Times New Viking - Great Scott

* Sunday, November 22:
o Sonic Youth, & The Feelies - Wilbur

* Monday, November 23:
o Sonic Youth, & Meat Puppets - Wilbur

Tonight, Shep Abbott, the former director of local venue, "The Fishtown Artspace," will speak at UMASS Lowell. It begins at 7:30 on the 3rd floor of Durgin Hall.

This is a must-see for anyone interested in community-arts, non-profits in music, venue management, and booking.

Or anyone who was amused by C.H.U.D.

This speaker is part of the UML MEISA speaker series

Telfair (local MA pop-punk)
On Live From the Fallout Shelter
8-11 PM Monday Night
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You all know the backstory to Mission of Burma; disbanded in 1983 due to Roger Miller's hearing problems, only to reform in 2002 with two wonderful albums "ONoffON" and "the Obliterati". With 2009's "The Sound, The Speed, The Light", the reformed Burma would be more prolific than the band before the hiatus.

However, the new album finds the band churning out music that seemed more of a chore than a choice. With foolish musings such as "1, 2, 3 Partyy!", you really have to wonder for a minute whether or not the reformation was the best of ideas in the long run. Burma are WJUL alumni, so I hate to say it... this bland album is not worth it for casual listeners. For hardcore fans, this will be a decent addition to your Burma collection. Everyone else- let's stick to the rest, alright?


So... this pretty much looks like some kind of indie compilation, right? RIGHT? Well- it IS a compilation, but sadly, it's the track listing for the new soundtrack in the next installment of the "Twilight" series. 

Okay, stop. Breathe; let's continue.

While the first Twilight film contained such heavy hitters (this is sarcasm) as tween heroes Paramore and Muse (making another appearance), "New Moon" seems to have grown up- and invaded the music we all love. So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Let's take a second to weight out the pro's and con's of the situation, shall we?

The potential "bad" of the situation is something that is very apparent when reading the tracklist of the film's soundtrack. How did all of this great music end up on this soundtrack? That's not to say that film's never have amazing scores/soundtracks... but, let's face it: the Twilight series is essentially any little girl's wet dream, put to paper (and now screen). Having read a substantial amount of one book, I can easily say it's one of the worst pieces of fiction I have ever picked up. Also, when the series is brought up, everyone thinks of Robert Pattinson (and instantly blows their load)... The question on my mind is, WHY 

Well, maybe.
Have you ever been 12 to 14 years old? Have you ever been impressionable? Chances are: yes (unless you are Luke, who was born at 21 with all of his tastes in place). ANYWAYS! Consider how impressionable the kids watching "New Moon" are, and how they are prooooobably mall goths right now. Maybe the Bon Iver/St. Vincent duet will change their view on things! Maybe the Thom Yorke jam will make some kid pick up Radiohead's discography, or the Killer's will teach some kid how to rock on 101.7fm (WFNX). Either way, I feel that's a lot better than bondage pants, Hot Topic, or being obsessed with vampires. MAYBE, the next group of kids will be the indiest in the entire world?

Hrm, it's probably a bad thing.
(note: "indie" is used as a joke, okay? OKAY)

Up and coming philly band, Algernon Cadwallader, will be releasing what was previously referred to as the 'hot green' 7". It is now, official called "Fun" and instead of looking like this:
It looks like this:
Is it as fun? Well, that is for you to decide. Algernon Cadwallader is Cap'n Jazz, with a hot bath and a shave.

"Some Kind of Cadwallader," their debut release, featured twinkly guitar riffs, and catchy vocal melodies.

"Fun" or "Hot Green" (whatever you want to call it) has upped the anti for Algernon. There is more energy here, and more direction certainly. But you wont be disappointed, their songs still change meter for 2 bars at a time, and the distorted guitar is used sparingly. In fact, this is upbeat enough to be quite refreshing. Be prepared to have your heart broken in "Foggy Mountain," though.

The tracks have been floating around the internet for months, so use your skills and find them.

"Fun," is being issued on Be Happy Records, sometime very soon. Keep your eyes and ears tuned for more!
Time Piece

Local musician Tyler Bisson has been performing under the name TRAGWAG for about four years now; within the past year, Ali Lipman began performing with him. SO! After dropping a new album this past summer, it only seems natural that a new, free EP is released online. 

Taking four songs from the project's history and converting them from acoustic to electric, this free release is a great way to either introduce yourself to TRAGWAG, or get a whole new spin on the older material. With a folk punk(ish) sound, hearing the electric versions are both exciting and surprisingly fit. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE! URL below.

01. Room 22 Supports Racial Equality
03. Miles (Davis, Not The Distance)
04. Song For The Scene
Friday Morning

Best New Music:
  • HEALTH - Get Color
  • Bobby Previte & The new Bump - Set The Alarm for Monday
  • Polvo - In Prism
  • No Age - Losing Feeling
  • Lou Barlow - Goodnight Unknown
Found Sounds:
  • Scott 4
  • The Clean
  • The Vampires
  • Erkin Kroky
Album of the Day: Serge Gainsbourg - Historie de Melodie Nelson

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