You all know the backstory to Mission of Burma; disbanded in 1983 due to Roger Miller's hearing problems, only to reform in 2002 with two wonderful albums "ONoffON" and "the Obliterati". With 2009's "The Sound, The Speed, The Light", the reformed Burma would be more prolific than the band before the hiatus.

However, the new album finds the band churning out music that seemed more of a chore than a choice. With foolish musings such as "1, 2, 3 Partyy!", you really have to wonder for a minute whether or not the reformation was the best of ideas in the long run. Burma are WJUL alumni, so I hate to say it... this bland album is not worth it for casual listeners. For hardcore fans, this will be a decent addition to your Burma collection. Everyone else- let's stick to the rest, alright?


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