Saturday's pretty slow, as there are no panels. After getting some pizza and smashing through happy hour at Iggy's we headed out to the last of the showcases, most of which were 21+. The Motorcycle Industry played early in the night. John and MichaelWiessthePrideofConn killed it...and probably played the best out of their whole bill.

The Sub Pop party was stocked and lasted until 2:30AM. We got their just as Pissed Jeans was finishing up. Tom liked the pit...we both liked the pigfuck. Finally...a band that harnesses the intensity of Jesus Lizard and the heaviest, drivingest drums; as if Steve Albini himself was running the soundboard.

Obits...whom are signed to Sub Pop put on a decent show. They seemed like a watered down Replacements or Husker Du, but never broke out of playing bar rock. Thier music seemed to sound the same and guitarist usually took a solo. However, as a perfect ender for CMJ we got to see Male Bonding. The trio out of Dalston England took the stage, far from the moldy speakers of the Silent Barn and asked "reverb...lots of reverb." Then they blasted into a non-stop string of songs with fluid basslines, screechy guitar, and frantic drumming. As I said earlier watch out for these guys. This intense alt-rock-twee pop-surf drive by is to beautiful to pass up...and you better not blink. Here's a video of them from '08.


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