New Lightning Bolt. It seems Providence is striking back with Baltimore in the battle for the coastal, noise, art rock supremacy. Earthly Delights dropped earlier this month and was their first after a 4 year hiatus. At the beginning of the decade, Lightning Bolt was certainly a more 'classic rock' noise act, but after 2005's Hypermagic Mountain...its metal.

Chippendale is still set to insanity despite the condition of his kit and Gibson is stretching the ability of his 'guitar'. Just before the 3 minute mark on Sound Guardians, a wall-of-sound break down ensues. Nation of Boar has an eight-on-the-floor opener with a Fleeing the Valley of the Whirling Knives-like interlude. The lumbering Colossus, eerie Sublime Freak, and tech-math Funny Farm all fill out the until the 12 minute Transmissionary. Fist pumping break downs over lay the enitre cut, ranging from fast seemingly immemorable takes from Chippendale to slow, sludgy riffs from Gibson.

Earthly Delights, somehow, is noise rock neo-psychadelia stoner metal backed by inchoerent vocals. They came (Lightning Bolt), they saw (Ride the Skies), they conquered (Wonderful Rainbow and Hypermagic Mountain). Now, the Laser Beasts hath made thier etch in the cosmos.


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