Songs of Solid Songwriting Cities was as confusing as it is to say with all that alliteration. Hoping for a biopic on metropolitan hotbeds for scenes, but it took a turn for the passion of songwriting. The host Tony Fletcher, who recently finished a book on scenes in NYC, led the panel. Everyone's back story was interesting, but perhaps the most intriguing was Anna Wayland who's been to music school and lived in Cuba for a while before later picking up a songwriting career. She now has the likes of John Legend under her belt and took to passionately discussing the important essence of songwriting. Wes Hutchinson, Jeff Cohen, and Leo Mellace were also there, discussing their running of the music industry gauntlet.

The DFA show case at the Brooklyn Bowl was epic. Dance wunderkinds James Murphy and Pat Mahoney mixed disco and house to hundreds of raving lunatics. Words can't really describe when these two get up and start going. From there it was over to the Saddle Creek showcase at the Knitting Factory.

Old. Fucking. Canes. New album on Saddle Creek is good, but they played their old shit. Chris, who belted out One Day, Taxi on Vermont, and Face it, all from Early Morning Hymns, was a nice guy who came down into the crowd after the set in real Kansas ethos. Old Canes is made up of guys from the Appleseed Cast, Casket Lottery, and Minus Story. Because they record with 8 track tapes, for the most part in basements, the live show translation is perfect. The Canes can certainly rock, croon, and demonstrate their vast talent on a lot of damn instruments. Finally we headed to Don Pedros for some more scum-fuck rock from Smith Westerns and The Beets. Captured Tracks, a sort of cute little Sup-Pop, is coming in hot.


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