Many alleged rumors have been circulating the web for the past few months that emo-rock legends, Cap'n Jazz were planning to reunite. Whether or not this was true was never confirmed by any of its 5 members.

However, if they were going to reunite, last night would have been as good an opportunity as any. The Empty Bottle in Chicago hosted the Joan of Arc Don’t Mind Control Variety Show, which gave 15 minute sets to all the bands that were affiliated with Joan of Arc. Here is an [incomplete] chart that begins to tie together the musical relationships of the Chicago emo scene.

Apparently, when Cap'n Jazz picked up their instruments, they were performing under the facade of a "local cover band." The crowd went absolutely wild.

What a night to be in Chicago!

Here is some video footage of "Oh Messy Life"

Cap'n Jazz reunion @ Empty Bottle 1/22/10 from jessica hopper on Vimeo.


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