For me, splits are kind of a love-hate thing. If you love one band, you may buy a split in hopes of unburying some unreleased treasure trove. But what if the b-side band is unworthy? How about those bands that put out millions of split albums? Which ones are worth more than 1/2 of your purchase?

Enough with the split anxiety. Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms, and Joe Mcmahon of Smoke or Fire will be releasing a split together on March 16th called Wasted Potential. Get stoked.

In an interview with Punknews, Toby from Red Scare Records said: "I swear to god I saw this all coming when I saw Joe carrying Brendan's limp, drunken body out of a Las Vegas elevator back in like 2005. So we know they got the 'wasted' part down, we'll have to see about the 'potential'. "


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