As Thanksgiving begins to pull in at roughly 45 minutes, we must ask ourselves: What are we grateful for? I've been thinking about this for a while, and will list my "Top 10" things to be grateful for:

10. Rice pudding with a lil' bit of cinnamon in it.
09. That this is America: I don't HAVE to eat mushrooms with my rice.
08. Bob Dylan's wonderful new Christmas album.
07. (even if it's not too funny).
06. Dan Deacon.
05. Pan Flute.
04. Triple-Stack Baconator (wow!).
02. That I know Jerry Garcia is NOT dead; in fact, he merely disappeared during an intense DMT trip.
01. Charles Manson is not my father.


Ali said...

haha this is awesome!

Brian Donovan said...

what are you thankful for?!

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