I'm going to put this out there immediately for all you who can't read through the whole article: This show was absolutely fucking mindblowing.

Boston natives Big Digits are one of the funnest live groups to catch in the area. Part Girl Talk mash up/sampling, part over the top Spank Rock rap, every song is like your favorite party on fire. With two DJ's rocking their Macbook Pro's and two MCs, the quartet claimed this would be their last show in a long while to take time off to "regroup". And, well, if this said statement was true, then it was a great way to go out. With balloons being tossed everywhere over the mass of sweaty art students, Big Digits were a glorious site to behold. Let's hope they come back as soon as possible.

NUCLEAR POWER PANTSNPP have been on tour with Dan Deacon for a little over a month now; coming into this show, I had no idea what to expect what-so-ever, so this was a pleasant surprise. Mixing heavy sci-fi concepts with synth-y music, costumes, 2 lead singers, and 3 back-up school girl singers, Power Pants were here to rock. The Baltimore band admitted they usually weren't too fond of making the trip down to Boston, but were pleased to be playing, and asked the crowd to make them famous. Although the band was fun, I thought it might have been a little to gimmick-y. Be the judge on this one!

(on a super special note, there was a couple feeling each other- under the shirt- throughout their whole peformance)


It was the moment we were all waiting for. Prepped with multiple strobe lights, masks, and his Trippy Green Skull, Dan Deacon was ready to get everyone psyched. The show began with him counting down his favorite Aerosmith cars, followed by banter about a car with dogs for wheels... This amazing form of absurd escapism continued all night, while Deacon tore through "Woof Woof", "Snookered", "Trippy Green Skull", "Wham City", and even a new piece of music- one that was both pummeling, sprawling, jumbling, and absolutely batshit crazy. Chipmunk vocals intact, Deacon led us through a dance competition, high fave track run, and interpretive dance version of "Of the Mountains". The crowd was going wild, throwing each other towards Deacon any chance there was room to breathe. Rather than dance to the electronic spasms of pure joy Deacon shot out, people seemed to convulse, scream, and freak out entirely. Frightening, but fun, and maybe even a little bit beautiful.

On a similar note, WUML has an interview lined up with Dr. Dan Deacon on Saturday, and shall be aired the following Tuesday (the Beautiful Savant) and Wednesday (Bedlam: The American Dream)... It will also be posted, in it's entirety on this blog! So stay tuned, folks.



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