Based around our wonderful city of Lowell, the Sinbusters take classic, loveable rock 'n' roll and rape the tears out of it. I'd like to call it "garbage rock": regardless of how you want to label them, the Sinbusters are big up-and-comers in Lowell's scene, and are- by far- my favorite local band.

Rather than sit around and describe their sound(s) to everyone out there- I'll leave it with a simple garbage rock/garage/psych/absolute insanity tag- I'll tell you who they are, and send you over to them.

THE SINBUSTERS ARE (from their myspace):
Nick - vox, guitar, sonic youth t-shirt, turning guitar up way too loud.
Pat - keys, vox, costumes, pigtails, sequins and flounce.
Jen - tambo, vox, shaker, "feminine mystique", drunk.
Seth - Drums, hair flips, jazzy beats, nutless treats.

You can check them out at,


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