Friday Morning

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New Music:
  • Bear in Heaven - Good thing they put out another album because you can't just start sounding like Eno, you have to earn it. Beast Rest Fourth Mouth is a spastic, layered, entrancing quagmire.
  • Mary Onettes - Someone's always sounding like Joydivisionneworderfactoryect...but who knew it would come from the Swedes. Droney and driving, the Mary Onettes invoke the shimmery 80s rock ballad and update synth-soaked dance-pop for us all.
  • Nirvana - Even though the Bleach reissue is fucking insane, Live at Reading may be insaner. If we have to write something more about this...I'm sorry.
Found Sound:
The dBs - Stands for Decibels - Power pop jangle. I guess that about sums it up. Until the mid 1990s, when it became clear this commercially unsuccessful band was highly influential on the likes of REM, Yo la Tengo, and probably a little bit Pavement and Nirvana. Stands for Decibels was their debut, and the opening track Black and White was a perfect rock song. Really fast, with the drummer utilizing rims and clicks over straight rock beats, each song seems to build. Headed by not one, but two singer-songwriters in Peter Hopsdale and Chris Stanley who play guitar/synth/vocals across the whole album. Each is a perfect 'alt-rocker' and each brings an idea to the early 80s pop table. Listen as they interpolate the Kinks!


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