Our next featured artist on the Lowell and Behold Comp, which is being released the weekend of December 11th, is Coalmine Canary. Even though, one year later, they have all moved on from Lowell, they are still very much a part of the music scene here. They will be playing the December 12th date.

Coalmine Canary combines twinkly guitar riffs and layered vocals in a unique mixture that will break your heart, and lift your spirits in one fell swoop.

They recently released "The Company We Keep," an EP of reworked songs, that completely redefines their image from a noisy lo-fi band to a emotionally-driven folk group. My only complaint? It is not long enough to keep you from wanting more.
You can hear the entire thing HERE

Shawn Massak, and Jane Wiseheart are featured on vocals, Justin Demers is the guitarist and plays other assorted instrument, and Nick Stockwell is the bassist.

Make sure to catch them live, they are chock full of suprises.

More info on Lowell and Behold


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