The scene of Lowell could be described any number of ways. Splintered, fucked, talented, the last bastion of underground. At any rate, it's really hard to define as of yet. Many a different genre is being felt out. This is the first in what I hope to be a long series of small band features taking you through what can be expected on the compilation Lowell and Behold Vol. 2 and at the release show on the weekend of December 11th

Lets begin with post-rock. Oh My, the Moon...oh MY!...THE MOON?!...OH (my the) MOON! However you want to say it, it isn't a Shel Silverstien poem or anything like that so go nuts. And the Stars Scream Loud... (their recent bootlegy-debut) is caked with skyrocketing glam imagery which takes as much a nod from the Explosions/Godspeed/Mogwai camp as it does Phil Manzanera. Drummer Andy Goderre is just as frantic as Guitarist duo Alex Enman and Kenny Sunnerberg. Zach Tretheway's bass creates a sort of silver lining, and perfectly locks in shoegaze style. You can tell these guys write in parts to hash out a song, each one adding exactly enough cents into any given section. Good artists copy, great artists steal, and anytime you hear something you've heard it'll change to a new realization with OMTM. Supplanting pop-punk tom parts over larger-than life sweeps or industrial math over quiet guitar swells. At times, the band will reach a plateau of sound and breach into metal, sludgy dream pop, or headbanging double times and bring it back down into a soft conclusion, leaving you in some stately void which had been created.

Oh My, the Moon

Lowell and Behold


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