From the bowels of Mill City comes a group of garbage rock superheroes, the Sinbusters. Already written about in our "Local Spotlight" series, the Sinbusters play an ultra filthy type of lo-fi garage rock guaranteed to bring on sweaty convulsions, or some sort of sublime freak out only documented in books. Combining the perfect amount of filth, aggressiveness, and sheer oddness, the Sinbusters are on the forefront of Lowell's up and coming garbage rock movement. Please do yourself a favor and check them out immediately! Songs such as "Do You Like To Party?" or "Generation Locust" will take you straight into some sort of frightening yet wonderful garage you sat in throughout high school... except this time, you've smoked too much salvia.

Listen to the Sinbusters HERE.
Lowell & Behold's showcase will happen on December 11th and 12th!

Stay tuned to WUML and our blog for upcoming coverage on the event!


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