Friday Morning

News News News:Local/Campus News:
  • FREE FOX COMMON SHOW TODAY, 8:00 - Caspian, Oh my the Moon, more
  • Fall Seminar: "Global Economy - Local Woes" 11/30 ICC
  • Common Test Film Series till 12/14 - CADDY SHACK
  • Fall Finals Stuff Posted
  • 12/4 Rock for Tots - SIC Student Tickets TICKETS HERE for non-students
New Music: Found Sound:
Scott Walker - Scott 4 - Scott Walker's 4th album was his second after calming famously ""Now the nonsense must stop, and the serious business must begin." What Scott 4 lacked commercially it made up for critically. It is an excellent example of Scott's songwriting prowess, and his flowering from a pop genius to a master songsmith of dark, nightmarish beauty. Sadly, songs like "Seventh Seal", "Boy Child", and "Hero of the War" will be his last gasp before Columbia's bastardization of his work, which he will not let go reissued. Walker's triumphant return in the mid-90s with Tilt reaches backward in time over his 70s and 80s work to pulse Scott 4.


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