Recorded on May 18th 2009, this was Kevin & the Wasps performance on "Live From The Fallout Shelter"! All cover set performed by (mostly) WUML members!

Jim: Vocals, Guitar
Tyler: Mandolin, Vocals
Ali: Banjo, Vocals
Brian: Aux percussion
Charlie: Melodica
Daniel: Guitar, Vocals
Ben: Bass
Nicholas: Drums

TRACKLIST (for full album, click photo above)
01. King of Carrot Flowers, pt. 1-3
02. Let's Dance To Joy Division
03. Say It Ain't So
04. Paper Planes
05. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
06. Picking Sides
07. At the Bottom of Everything
08. Clint Eastwood
09. Wagon Wheel
10. Hey Jude
11. Where Is My Mind?
12. Sink, Florida, Sink
13. For Reverend Green


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