Hailing from Brattleboro, Vermont, King Tuff (also known as Kyle Thomas- one half of Feathers, frontman for J. Mascis project Witch) is a one man recording project that specializes in sun-soaked, 70's influenced power pop and 60's garage. Released on vinyl by Colonel Records, "Was Dead" is an absolutely astounding debut album showcasing a spirit not often found of music made today. The message on "Was Dead" is pretty simple, as quoted on Tuff's myspace page: "Dance till' you fuckin' die". Although a simple sentiment, most musicians forget about the innate joy that comes with making music. None of "Was Dead" is hyper technical, lyrically dense, or instrumentally diverse- focusing on your basic, old fashioned rock'n'roll instruments, King Tuff makes a whole fucking lot out of a little. With reverb drenched vocals, and an off-kilter Bolan-inspired vocal style, the album flies by, each song getting catchier (and sunnier) after each listen. One of my favorite albums of 2008, PLEASE check him out! Listen to King Tuff right HERE.

King Tuff- Sun Medallion


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