Behind the Scenes at WUML is a new, ongoing column that you can expect to see frequenting the blog in the coming year. This is a chance for you as a reader to get to know us! WUML is a completely student-run radio station that features only underground music. There are no professionals handing us playlists or sending our charts to CMJ. There is no university-hired faculty cleaning up after us and making sure we do our job correctly. WUML is a special kind of radio station, with the most wonderful people behind the curtain, working the gears, and making sure everything goes over smoothly! Enjoy pictures of us at work and remember, you can always stream us here and check our playlists here.

Tom, the Live Sound Director, is busy booking live acts for WUML during his office hours on Monday.

Sean, Host/Engineer of Live From the Fallout Shelter is busy mixing sound for the live act, Debaser, on Monday night.

Tom running the board, spinning awesome tunes!


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