The Books

I've always thought of the music I listen to as my own personal soundtrack to the every day. Conjuring emotions when necessary and making the mundane beautiful, just like non-diegetic background music to a film.

Music For a Film

This is why the Books through me for a loop. I have always allowed my brain to connect the images around me with the music I listen to. However, this band gives you a little bit more to work with. I would like to think of each one of their songs as mini-film that my imagination fills in the gaps to. Samples selected from a hallway record collection give each song a story or at the very least a get to decide the rest.


You could say that this band plays with the sounds of voices as much, if not more than they play with the actual music itself. They love play-on-words (just look at their album titles: "Thought for Food," and "Lost and Safe.") and sounds: the sounds of laughter, of rain, of exclamation, emotional dialog, of foreign language. They slice samples together in bizarre ways, sometimes creating conversations that sound flawless, but incoherent and absurd. Their latest release, "Music for a French Elevator," is 15 minutes long, the majority of it this sort of sound play.


Yes its there, and this is why its all worth it. You don't know what to expect from track to track. Sometimes, the music enhances the samples, and sometimes the samples enhance the music. Original vocals are a rarity except on "Lost and Safe," where they are on a mainstay, and "The Lemon of Pink," where they are featured sparingly. Expect strange percussion and acoustic instruments, dramatic build-ups, and eerie low points.


From the "Play All DVD"

Favorite Albums

The Lemon of Pink (2003)
Lost and Safe (2005)

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