The Best Solo/Side Projects

10. Matty Pop Chart- Plan-it-X Records
This is Matt Tobey from Abe Froman
Think cute vocals, fun, optimistic folk punk.
Check out: Everyone does Everything (2007)

9. Bobby Burg- Record Label Records (Chicago)
Bobby Burg is from Joan of Arc. I like two of his side projects: The Love of Everything
and Vacations.
The Love of Everything is his mellow, twinkly, solo project.
Click HERE for my review of Vacations, I was Bikini/Rain Afraid (2008)
Check out: Superior Mold and Die (2006)

8. The City on Film - Grand Theft Auto Records
Bob Nanna of Braid and Hey Mercedes
Think of a mellower version of Hey Mercedes
Check out: In Formal Introduction (2005)

7. Sundowner- Red Scare
Chris McCaughan of the Lawrence Arms.
The Lawrence Arms with acoustic guitars? Maybe more. Sad, nostalgic, uplifting, gorgeous.
Check out: Four One Five Two (2007)

6. Panda Bear - Paw Tracks
Noah Lennox of Animal Collective
Electronic elements, reverberant vocals, happy, and melodic. For all Animal Collective lovers
Check out: Person Pitch (2007)

#1-5 In Random Order:

The Postal Service- Sub Pop
Project of Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), and Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel).
Also features Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) on many tracks.
Undeniably an important album, Give Up, was chock-full of catchy, environmentally-
conscience songs that became immediate classics.

Owen- Polyvinyl Records
Mike Kinsella of Joan of Arc, American Football, and Cap'n Jazz
Twinkly, orchestrated, acoustic tunes.
Check out: Everything he has ever done

Bomb the Music Industry!- Quote UnQuote Records, Asian Man Records
Former members of Arrogant Sons of Bitches
This group has gained a lot of fame for themselves in the past few years. They are known for
their musical style which is all over the map, falling into genres such as ska, hardcore,
synthpop and more. Overall attitude? Music is something we should share!
Download all their music for free HERE

Broken Social Scene- Arts and Crafts
A collective of Toronto-based indie-rock artists started by Kevin Drew (K.C. Accidental) and
Brendan Canning (By Divine Right,
Blurtonia, Valley of the Giants, Len, and hHead).
They are unique in the way that all the members draw influences from their own projects,
making Broken Social Scene, in many ways, the melding of many different parts.
Check out: Bee hives (2003), You Forgot it in People (2002), and S/T (2005)

The Happiness Project- Arts and Crafts
A recent project of Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene)
Spearin went to all of his neighbors and interviewed them about their definition of happiness.
He then sat down and wrote music to the exact inflection of their voices. The product? This is
incredible. You get to hear these uplifting tales and explanations of happiness over the
gorgeous innovation of Spearin's music.
Read More and Listen
Or just watch this:

Charles Spearin - The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project | MySpace Music Videos


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