Some reviews for this release:
Edgetone Records sent awesome new albums including: Go-Go Fightmaster, T.D. Skatchit and Co., and Eddie the Rat.

Katherine Young's new release on Porter is a minimalist, neo-classical masterpiece. It also has a great cover. Other good stuff from Porter includes Chll Pll, featuring Zach Hill from Hella.

Also worth it:
  • Fred Anderson, 21st Century Chase - Live, Spontaneous Hard Bop/Free jazz from an 80 year old sax player.
  • Bobby Previte and the New Bump, Set the Alarm for Monday - Newest offering with newest band, Monday is drummer-led nior-jazz suite featuring Ellery Eskelin on tenor.
  • Bobby Hutcherson, Dialogue - This 1965 Hutcherson debut reissue is stacked featuring Sam Rivers, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, AND Andrew Hill- who composed 4 of the 6 pieces. This. IS. Vibraphone.


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