I'm going to pre-face all of this by letting you know: if you do not purchase the Sinbusters' first full length, "Prime Blowout", you are shooting yourself in the junk.

Once Lowell's underdogs, the Sinbusters have seen a huge rise in hype over the past year- simply because they are going to melt your fucking face off every time you see them perform. This feeling of utter chaos translates perfectly onto "Blowout". Live favorites "Fuck You, Aristotle" and "Back From Hell" make raucous debuts, while old jams "Generation Locust", "Mystic City", and "Do You like To Party?" get a filthy make over, showcasing one of Mill City's hidden jems.

My only qualm with this album is it's length- clocking in at approximately 23 minutes, I'm left wanting more and more. If you doubt all the praise this site gives 'em, please do yourself the favor of listening to album opener "I Don't Wanna Be A Slave", and have fun melting into a puddle. Mixing punk, 60's garage, and sheer insanity makes for an exciting and unpredictable listen. Keep your eyes on le Sinbusters. They're doing big things.


de la seth said...

listen to it here: http://www.nicebassproductions.com/artists/2010/the-sinbusters/

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