This is good news for Sundowner fans, AND Lawrence Arm's fans if you haven't heard of Sundowner (you should listen here)

Chris posted a bulletin on his myspace earlier:

"Well, it’s been three years since the first Sundowner record and man has a lot happened in the world since then. We had the summer and winter Olympics, the Cubs got embarrassed in the playoffs a few times, Obama became president, I won my first fantasy football championship and we all got a bit older. Ahhh, the dizzying highs. I also wrote a bunch of songs. Over the last several months me and Neil (Hennessy if you’re nasty) having been working on the new Sundowner record in Logan Square in Chicago and I’m excited to say it’s just about done and that we’re putting the finishing touches on it. I’m stoked to be teaming up with Mike Park and releasing it on Asian Man Records this time around. We’re shooting for a mid-summer release and we’ll have more details for y’all in the near future. I’m also really excited because Toby Jeg at Red Scare is gonna press Four One Five Two on vinyl this summer and we’re gonna throw a big party. Rap at ya soon!"


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