Michael Gira isn't exactly turning over in his grave, but NY's Child Abuse sound as if they are using Filth as a touchstone. Although the genre could be, at times, identified as listener abuse it's really not the same effect as it would've been when Swans played in 1983. On Cut and Run, this bass-keyboard/voc-drums power trio's debut, screechy layering and distant, helpless vocals, along with proggy drum beats combine to create "no-grind". Opener Hold This is free, distorted and seems to soundtrack an arena of troglodytes, all the while inviting whiring synth tuned like Sonic Youth . Child Abuse doesn't let up, especially on Froze Toes which clocks in 5 minutes of changes. Bebe trudges along, shuttling back and forth from lightning quick blasts to murky sludge parts. Cut and Run from pop music, here's your synth-core motor cycle accident you can't help but watch.

Cut and Run is available on Lovepump United. Check out their myspace for a taste and an Eric Dolphy cover.


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