Infinite Body is a satellite addition to the dawning nano-fad chill-wave. However, his debut album Carve My Face Out of God sounds newly discovered slacker movement infused with DIY technology. The album has all the ingredients: layered, drawn out feedback in lo-fi AND the appearance: an ominous photograph slightly grainy for the album cover, but the music is much more cerebral than beachy, childhood memories.

Within these contexts, it seems Infinite Body has adopted this stripped down sound to an arena more fit for chamber music, Out To Where I Am's opening discharge comes again and again, swirling and shimmering. At the 2:30 mark, a dissonant ringing organ enters bringing in order. The darker, Constellation-style On Our Own to Fall Off hearkens more post rock than anything else.

This is less an album than a collection of ideas which can bring up images for individual listeners. Where many of our chill-wavers want to romanticize Spaghetti Ohs and losing Nerf ammo, Infinite Body is attempting to create more timeless.


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