This past Friday night was the 25th Anniversary celebration of Live from the Fallout Shelter, one of WUML 91.5FM's leading live music programs. The show was started back in 1985 by Chris Porter and Bob Weston (Mission of Burma/Shellac) and has hosted a live band every week since. It has been host to over 500 bands, a countless amount of student DJ's and engineers and remains one of Lowell's leading music spots. Needless to say the people involved in Friday's show, staff and crowd, were all very excited to be celebrating the radio show's birthday.

Starting off the show was local Lawrence hip hop duo Rebels of Art featuring Lowell's own pop rock band Beneath The Sheets. Following them were Allston basement celebrities L'antietam who brought the heavy and proved why we keep asking them to be involved in Fallout shows (they also played the 20th anniversary back in 2005). After them, Bridge Nine Record's Energy took the stage with their fast melodic punk and even managed to please the crowd with a cover of Astro Zombies by The Misfits. Smoke Or Fire then took the stage to what may have been one of the most energetic crowds I have ever been a part of. This was definitely the highlight band of the night as people surrounded the singer and screamed at the top of their lungs every word that he sang. Finally, to close out the evening, local favorites A Wilhelm Scream displayed once again one of the most energetic and powerful performances I have ever seen come from a band. There wasn't a fist in the room that wasn't raised in the air.

WUML and Live from the Fallout Shelter would like to send a big thanks out to UTEC for hosting the show, Red Bull Energy Drink for providing free cases of drinks, Dan Gonyea of Future Bree Photography for taking excellent photos, all the bands that we have enjoyed working with over the years and most importantly the 250 people who showed up to celebrate the anniversary with us.

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