About Garth Donovan: Boston DIY filmmaker Garth Donovan funded PHILLIP THE FOSSIL, with blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of metal. Relentlessly collecting recyclable cans and scrap metal, Donovan made PTF in a green, cost effective manner. His debut feature, EVERYONE’S GOT ONE was described by the Boston Phoenix as “an edgy mixture of guerilla filmmaking and Andy Kaufman-esque antics” and the National Society of Film Critics named it “New England’s Best Comedy 2003.“ After the administrative director of Boston’s oldest drug and alcohol recovery center, The Hope House, saw Garth’s second feature film which dealt heavily with alcoholism, he commissioned the filmmaker to produce an in depth documentary on the organization. Currently, Garth is producing a narrative feature he co-wrote with award winning independent filmmaker Alex Karpovsky, directing a documentary on an underground rapper battling with the music industry and personal demons, as well as polishing off a script that he describes as BEFORE SUNSET meets Wong-Kar Wai.

One of Massachusetts' most promising DIY film mak
ers, Donovan's latest feature length, "Phillip the Fossil" premiered this past week at South By Southwest to critical acclaim (lead actor Brian Hasenfus won SXSW's "Breakthrough Actor" award). Written and directed by Donovan, "PTF" is described as a story "Set in small-town New England, Phillip The Fossil follows an aging party animal chasing the now extinct glory days of his youth. Blowing lines with kids half his age, making it rain in strip clubs, and voraciously pawing naive girls with “JUICY” tagged across their rears are all part of Phillip’s relentless pursuit of the endless summer. He chuckles along as the carefree town jester, but beneath this suffocating guise Phillip feels increasingly isolated in the dead end rut he has so comfortably dug. The chance to pull himself out comes when an old love returns home and the opportunity to run his own landscaping business knocks. But before Phillip can dust himself off he must first ditch the woefully insecure seventeen year-old that’s been his shadow for the last month. With her jealous, steroid-pumping ex in his grill and a best friend returning from Iraq with an acutely hostile form of PTSD, it isn’t long before Phillip gets tangled in a tornado of violence that may tarnish his future forever. Filmed in a brutal, stripped-down fashion, Phillip The Fossil is an uncompromising and realistic portrait of everyday people who struggle in all their blemished glory for a life of balance, control and meaning"

Keep your eyes open for more information about both Donovan and Phillip the Fossil! For more information, go to http://phillipthefossil.com


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