So why not do last year? It was pretty interesting overall with labels like Tzadik (#2/#9) and ECM (#8) ushering in classicism and a jazz-plus of sorts. European artists like Stefano Bellani were now veterans of the not-so-fine line between jazz and classical. Hard bop has returned as a mainstay since it's burrowing underground during the mid-70s and has now been refined over and over again after reemerging during the late '90s. Two Cities, Sensible Shoes, and Varmint all are excellent examples of this.

Full Blast is one of Peter Brotzmann's many side prjoects. Allen Tousaint's Bright Mississippi is a great homage to the state itself and guys like Django, Duke, Monk and others. Rune Grammofon's Fire! album was great, topping out even international label mates Supersilent, but the real prize goes to Bobby Bradford. Midnight Pacific Airwaves is simply incredible, and features cross-career tracks from Bradford, half recorded in 1977 and the rest in this decade.

  1. Bobby Bradford Extet - Midnight Pacific Airwaves
  2. Led Bib - Sensible Shoes
  3. Aram Shelton's Fast Citizens - Two Cities
  4. Borah Bergman Trio - Luminescence
  5. Old Dog - By Any Other Name
  6. Jason Adasiewicz' Rolldown - Varmint
  7. Full Blast - Black Hole
  8. Stefano Bellani - Stone in the Water
  9. Allen Toussaint - Bright Mississippi
  10. Fire! - You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago


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