It's always a pleasure to hear about UML student or graduate successfully organizing events and contributing to their communities. Shawn Massak, a recent Umass Lowell graduate, is seeing his creation Mass Recovery Fest come together for the third time next weekend. This annual event will prove to be bigger and better than ever...more bands, more music, more surprises!
Its origin lies in a compilation called The Ice is Gonna Break, that Shawn put together for bands that he had either booked, or played with.
"I wanted to have some kind of release show for the compilation but wanted to showcase every band included, which was a tough feat for a compilation that included 20 tracks," said Massak.
The result was a two night festival at Andrew Hall, a space owned by the United Parish of Lunenburg, MA, using a borrowed P.A.
Last year, despite not releasing another compilation, the festival still took place, bringing together live, independent music from Massachusetts and beyond.
This year's festival has a new twist: the Everyday Use cassette comp. Cassette Tapes were the first home audio recording device. They allowed for people to record songs of the radio, make mixes for their friends, and essentially become their own DJs.
"I can remember taping music off the radio and smuggling unlabeled recordings of 'parental advisory' albums into my house...I have a taped copy of Life is Peachy still in my possession," said Massak.
To Massak, the cassette tape signifies music sharing and Mass Recovery Fest is his vehicle to do so.
"The event is important because I get to book bands I love, a lot of which I don't get to put on other Andrew Hall shows because of various restrictions, mostly distance," Massak said.
Mass recovery will last for two days beginning Friday, April 9th at 5pm and picking up again on Saturday, April 10th, at 5pm again. It will be held at Andrew Hall at 39 Main Street in Lunenburg. $7/night or $10 for both. All Ages. Everyday Use, the cassette tape compilation will be available for sale both nights.

Friday Lineup:

- From Sky to Sea
- the Bynars
- Bearstronaut
- State Champion (IL)
- the Thin Heir
- Peter Piek (Germany)
- Factors of Four (PA)
- Ian Fisher (New York)
- That Really Awesome Guy with a Guitar (TRAGWAG)
- Young Mountain (New Hampshire)
- the Cast of America's Favorite TV Sitcom

Saturday Lineup:

- The Sharpest
- Remainder
- Battleships
- Chalk Talk (CT)
- Black Bear
- By Surprise (NJ - Acoustic Set)
- Blue Star Burns Red
- Fishing the Sky
- Challenge the Throne
- Giuseppe (RI)

Curious about any of these artists? Mass Recovery Promotions is posting daily artist showcases on their blog!

Also check them out on Myspace or Facebook


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