Tonight on Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM, local Boston area rockers Sherman Burns will be making their second appearance on the radio show and playing some songs for all of us! These kids are currently located in Allston, MA but have roots deep in the North Shore music scene having had members (past and present) play in such bands as Mutt, Margin Walker, Pile, Vulture and many others. This makes for a plethora of noticeable influences in the songs of Sherman Burns. One song will have you thinking a heavier version of Minus the Bear. The next song will have you thinking "Worship and Tribute"-era Glassjaw. Then most of the rest of the songs will have you thinking about 1990's moshpits...which were probably a lot more fun than today's moshpits. The band just released their new full-length "The End Is All" which is available for a "name your price" deal at their bandcamp page.

So tune into Live from the Fallout Shelter tonight from 8 - 11pm on WUML 91.5FM with Sherman Burns going on at 930pm followed by an interview with the band. There will of course be the best in underground music before and after the set as well. The radio show is available for live streaming online.


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