Tonight on Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM, Life & Limb will be coming into our studio to play a live set! These guys are a post-hardcore band from the Merrimack Valley that consist of members from many other local bands such as Late Nite Wars and Road Rage. Blending just the right amount of emo with an overall complimenting portion of melodic hardcore, Life & Limb are able to produce songs that are heavy, interesting and musical. Easily comparable to bands such as Small Brown Bike, Cursive and Crime In Stereo, these guys are able to let the songs of Life & Limb separate themselves from the crowd in a scene over run with hardcore and pop-punk. It is very refreshing to say the least.

So tune in tonight from 8 - 11pm with the band going on at 9:30pm. There will be an interview after the set and the best in underground music before and after the set. You can listen at WUML 91.5FM or stream the show live online.

In the meantime, check the band out at their bandcamp page.