Tonight on Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM, Graverobbers will be playing a set live in our studio! Often tagged with labels like "Americana", "Country", "Indie" and even "Folk", the band prefers to go genre-less and is frequently changing their sound. If you wanted to though, you could easily compare Graverobbers to the sounds of Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Jeff Rowe and even old-timey stuff like Hank Williams. However, also having members from local hardcore bands Have Heart and Road Rage, and not to mention Live from the Fallout Shelter host MC T South on drums, this band's influences are endless. The band recently released a 7-song EP called "Black Market EP" which is available for purchase at their bandcamp page.

So tune in tonight from 8 - 11pm with Graverobbers going on at 930pm. There will be an interview after the set as well as the best in underground music before and after the set. You can listen at WUML 91.5FM or listen to WUML's live online stream.


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