I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone, is the latest from Long Island's Crime in Stereo. It hits stores on Febuary 23rd and is their first release since 2008.

SPOILER ALERT: Writing about this album preemptively (received by WUML for promotional use), is just like telling you the butler did it before you've finished the book. Especially because I anticipate this album will receive very mixed reviews.

With that said, has Crime in Stereo pulled a Daisy on us?

Daisy, Brand New's highly anticipated 2009, release was a complete reinvention of their sound and was also met with mixed reviews as well. After all, the members of Crime in Stereo and Brand New grew up in the same town and have always been close band-friends. In fact, Crime and Stereo joined Brand New on their supporting tour this past fall. So is it any wonder that Crime in Stereo seems to have drawn such a strong influence from them?

Perhaps they turned down the distortion and cranked up the reverb, but Crime in Stereo seems to have come up with a thoughtful, versatile album (something I generally admire about Brand New). It seems as though they have left most of their earlier hardcore and punk influences behind, and cashed them in for a heavier-rock sound.

I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone, has the drama of Is Dead, and a few selective tracks off of The Troubled Stateside, including "the impending glory of american adulthood," and "gravity grace," with more lows than highs.

This certainly is not the melodic-hardcore album I expected to hear, but being a fan of Long Island music, I am not disappointed. I welcome Crime in Stereo into this new chapter in their existence. I hope you will too!

Recommended tracks: Drugwolf, Odalisque, Type One, and Republica.

Also, they have a show in Cambridge (MA) with Transit, Make do and Mend, and Defeater on 2/27. See you there!


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