Well it's official, Jade Tree Records and the boys from Cap'n Jazz are finally picking the towels back up and cashing in on the past. You don't hear anyone complaining!

Tickets went on sale on 2/15 for a reunion show at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL in July. However, as one would expect, it is already sold out.

If you are crafty, I am sure you can find a way to finagle a ticket. If you are crafty AND generous, please buy me one...July is my birthday month!

For those of you without a ticket, or reliable transportation, Jade Tree Records will be re-releasing Analphabetapolothology on double LP (an album that was recently returned to our station by an x-dj with sticky fingers). This is great news for Cap'n Jazz fans. The release date is set to 6/15.


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