The Radio at Risk coalition is trying to combat record labels which are hemorrhaging $$$ using radio stations as ways out. Two bills currently in Congress would levy performance taxes on local stations, which are usually not and provide free (at times, 'underground') music and public service to all people. Act now!

Come visit us at the McGauvran Table!

Fallout's 25th Anniversary is in full swing. Show has been scheduled, past Fallout guests Willhelm Scream and Smoke or Fire will be playing. It will be on April 2nd, 2010 at United Teen Equality Center on Hurd St. doors are at 6:30, show is all ages, 10$ admission. A compilation is also planned, cover:

You can still donate here...thanks for the support!

Some LFC Updates. Come and watch Indie films in Lowell!

CAPA's Annual battle of the bands will be held at Spring Carnival on Friday, April 30th and packets are available begining today in North/South Information Centers. For more info shoot an email to

Winter Olympic athletes and sports journalists Bob Ryan, John Powers, and Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe will be in town on Wednesday, March 24 in O'Leary 222, 7 p.m. to discuss politics and the Olympic games in Vancouver. For more information contact

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