the Twilight Sad, Scotland's resident quasi-shoegaze depressive, isn't necessarily music that is created to tell a story. Rather, songwriter/vocalist James Graham aims for the heart with the most heartbreaking songs- possibly ever. Even if you don't agree with that statement, there's no denying the power in the sheer loudness and distortion of their music. Upcoming album, "Forget The Night Ahead", focuses those same emotional appeals, but stronger than ever. Songs like the single "I Became A Prostitute" will make you really wish you got to catch My Bloody Valentine just about every time they've played, while songs like "That Room" will break your heart over and over again. In happier news, the leaves are starting to fall, and winter is approaching... it's alright, everyone- we're all entitled to be miserable every once in a while.

To stream some of their tunes, go to:


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