Some of you may already with familiar with Alan Palomo's other work with VEGA; if not, do not worry. We're here to turn you on to his new pet project, Neon Indian. With more solo work, Palomo's new album sounds like some favorite lo-fi party jams coming from a warped cassette- or, that same situation, but with more drugs. (trust me, that description is fairly apt)

Nevermind the hype behind the album, or what other blogs have deemed the movement ("glo fi"); songs like "Deadbeat Summer" are a great way to close out the season, while "Should Have Taken Acid With You" makes great late night chill music. Regardless of when you listen to it, WUML highly suggests this tape eating, lo-fi dance party on LSD... yep, you get the drift. Remember, if you download, make sure to delete 24 hours after and make the purchase!

(FROM SHOCK MOUNTAIN): hxxp:// (xx --> tt)


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