Although it doesn't drop until the 6th of October, you can listen to it
here, and worth the listen it is. Thank fucking god for No Age. The Smell scene seems to embrace the under current of a rhythm section with pretty, washed out guitar lines above (think Abe Vigoda, Captain Ahab, HEALTH, or Mae Shi). You need look no further than the title track on the EP which in usual No Age fashion begins pretty and reserved, and then opens up into a second section of riding along, constantly layering itself. "Genie" begins with a up and down guitar ballad, full of fuzz and Randy Randall's chunking, and soon invites us to sit and listen to Dean Spundt sing, it fades in and fades back out into "Aim at the Airport." Beginning with an erie sample and ambient interludes, No Age sounds more like Books than new age punk revival. So far, the album is a perfect cut-out from last years incredible Nouns and then we run into October's punk anthem "You're a Target." With characteristically huge guitar, loud cymbals filling all four, and Spunt matching the top-to-bottom melody, No Age isn't changing for the worse, but adding for the better. 2007s Wierdo Rippers coagulated their first 5 EPs onto one album, Nouns gave us a strung together version of No Age which crystallized their sound, and Losing Feeling seems to just give us a piece of something we've been wanting since last May.
7 No Age Party Jams:

1. Teen Creeps from
2. Everybody's Down
from Weirdo Rippers
3. Brain Burner from
4. Sleeper Hold from Nouns
5. Dead Plane from Weirdo Rippers
6. Eraser from Nouns and now
7. You're a Target from the upcoming
Losing Feeling


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