This Monday February 21, Fishing The Sky will be playing on Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM. This is a one-man ambient post-rock band featuring Rob Hughes, a north shore musician of many talents having played in such bands as Short Fuse Burning, Charlie and now the sole force behind his new project, Fishing The Sky. As the name eludes, there is definitely an Appleseed Cast type influence in his songs as well as darker ambient parts reminiscent of "You Are There"-era Mono. Unlike most post-rock bands of the present day, Fishing The Sky is able to stay away from the standard tremolo guitar parts and overdone movie scene background music. As the only person in the band, Rob jumps between drum kit, bass and laptop and he never misses a beat.

So listen Monday night from 8 - 11pm to Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM with a live set from Fishing The Sky at 930pm. There will be an interview afterwards as well as the best in underground music before and after the set. You can listen online at .

You can check out Fishing The Sky and download the new demos album at


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