This Monday December 13, local hardcore outfit Darkwoods will be performing a set on Live from the Fallout Shelter. These guys hail from the South Shore and are about as fast, heavy and angry as it gets...but in a good way. While listening to them, I can just see an image in my head of a circle pit opening up from wall to wall at your local VFW or Knights of Colombus and no one in the audience being able to resist. Their music definitely reminds me of bands like Bane, Ceremony and Verse...heavy, hard and with vocals that are right up front making sure the listener is paying attention.

You can check Darkwoods out at where they have a free download of their "Road To Ruin" EP.

So tune in this Monday from 8 - 11pm for Live from the Fallout Shelter on WUML 91.5FM. Darkwoods will be playing a set at 930pm with the best in undergound music before and after the set as well as an interview with the band. You can listen to the show online at


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